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I am Marty Grant, actually my name is Marvin A. Grant, Jr. I was born in Marion County, South Carolina where my mother was also born (in fact, the same doctor delivered us both). Her ancestors had been there for many generations. When I was still only a month or two old we made our first of several moves. By the time I was 5 we had lived in Grundy, Virginia; Marietta, Georgia; Enfield, North Carolina and finally Durham, North Carolina were we remained a little while. After completing the 1st grade, we moved to Hillsborough, North Carolina which is what I consider my "home town" since I lived there until graduating from Orange High in 1983.

After graduation I joined the United States Air Force and served from 1984 to 1988. Most of my service was at Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota. It was there I met my wife Karla.

Karla Mangus was born in Seattle, Washington. She moved to Brimfield, Illinois while still young and grew up there, graduating from Brimfield High in 1981. She joined the Air Force in 1983.

We married at Karla's home church in Brimfield in 1987 and imediately returned to North Dakota until my enlistment was done early in 1988. Afterwards we lived in Hillsborough with my parents for a couple of months before moving to Kinston, North Carolina where we still live.

Karla and Marty ca 2001

I am a Computer Programmer / Software Developer and Karla is a Court Reporter for the state.

We have no children, though we do have "fur babies" (i.e. cats).