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Welcome to my Baker web pages. I have two Baker lines, both in Western North Carolina.

My first line is in Lincoln County, North Carolina. Olly Baker (c1760/65) married Aaron Cox in 1787. They remained in Lincoln awhile, then moved to neighboring Buncombe County for a few years. Finally they moved to neighboring Haywood County where both seem to have died in the 1840's. As of yet I have not been able to identify Olly's parents or determine how she connects to any of the other Lincoln County Bakers.

My second line begins with Mary Margaret Baker (c1790) who was born in Rowan Co., NC and married Jacob Fouts in Ashe Co., NC. They lived there a good while, then moved to Macon Co., NC where both died in the 1850's. I think that Mary Margaret is a daughter of Capt. Jacob Baker (c1760/65-aft 1830) of Rowan, Wilkes and Ashe Co., NC. I don't have absolute proof of their relationship but he is a good fit for her father.


Baker DNA Project - Use DNA testing to break down your genealogical brick walls and find out which genetic branch of the family you are part of. Click link for details. I'm not involved in the Baker project, but I highly recommend it.   

Baker is the 37th most common surname in America. (Source: Name Statistics)