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Bryson Genealogy - PA, NC, SC, GA

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Book: Bryson Census Records 1790-1860

Welcome to my Bryson genealogy pages. I am interested in the Bryson surname in America, primarily in the 1700s and 1800s.

My most recent Bryson ancestor is my five times Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Bryson, born 1787 in Rowan (now Iredell) Co., NC. She moved with her parents to Pendleton Dist., SC for a few years, then to Buncombe (now Haywood) Co., NC where she married William Cathey in 1808. They lived in Union (now Towns) Co., GA where he died in the 1850s. She later went to Swain Co., NC and died there ca 1872. She is a child of:

Andrew Bryson was born ca 1752 in Lancaster Co., PA. He came with his parents to Rowan (now Iredell) Co., NC in the 1760s. It was there that he married Agnes Nancy Nail in 1783. (“Agnes” on marriage bond, but “Nancy” on other records. Those two names are often used interchangeably.) They moved to South Carolina with other family members where he and his brothers all served during the Revolutionary War (no actual proof of his service, unfortunately). They moved into western NC afterwards. Agnes died ca 1796, then Andrew married a 2nd wife, name unknown. She died in the 1810s, and he married his 3rd wife, Sally, a Cherokee woman. Andrew died in 1835 in Haywood (now Jackson) Co., NC. We don’t know when Sally died, whether before or after Andrew. He is a son of:

William Bryson (c1720-1790s) and Isabella Holmes, who probably married ca 1740s in Lancaster Co., PA. William is said to be from Northern Ireland, specifically Antrim. William and family left Pennsylvania for North Carolina in the 1760s, then were in Pendleton Dist., SC before 1790 where both are believed to have died during that decade.

William’s parents are unknown, though there is some ongoing research on that subject.

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