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I (Marty Grant) don't know how I'm related to the Shadrack Collins family. I am sure he is somehow related to my ancestor Jonah Collins (c1774).

Special thanks to Lyn Collins and Ruby Collins Reed for data shared on this family in MS and LA.

Shadrack Collins was born ca 1780/84 (per census analysis), possibly in SC, or perhaps in another state.

I don't know who his parents might have been.

There are a couple of Collins families Shadrack could belong to. He himself was not listed on the 1800 census so it seems likely he was still at home with his parents then. In 1800 there were no Collins households with a male born ca 1780/84, however, there were several with males born ca 1784/90. If he was born ca 1784, then he could be one of those. Dempsey Collins had one son that age, but that apparent son was still at home with him in 1810, so probably not the one. William Collins had one son this age in 1800. William died that same year (1800), so wasn't listed on the 1810 census. That makes William a good candidate to be Shadrack's father. Elizabeth Collins, an apparent widow, had three boys about the right age in 1800. She was gone by 1810, so she is another strong candidate. One other possibility is David Collins who was in this area in 1790, but missing in 1800, but back by 1810. In 1790 he had one son under 16 (born ca 1774/90) who was gone from his house by 1810. So that makes William, Elizabeth and David the prime candidates to be Shadrack's parent. I'm partial to Elizabeth Collins at present, but have no real proof yet.

The first record we find for Shadrack was when he (and Thomas Collins and James Martin) were named as Appraisers of the Estate of Stephen Collins  of Little Pee Dee on 17 Jun 1805. Usually an appraiser was not a close relative (i.e. not a father or son or brother) so that probably means that Shadrack and Stephen Collins were probably cousins at best, or perhaps Uncle - Nephew. (Marion Dist, SC Inventory Book I pg 87 published in the Pee Dee Queue)

Shadrack Collins married Mary Pounds (maiden name per Ruby Collins Reed and Lyn Collins) before ca 1805. I don't know who her parents were, but there were no "Pounds" listed on the 1800 Marion census.

Shadrack Collins was listed on the 1810 census in Marion District. He wasn't listed near any other Collins families. He was just two houses from Dempsey Collins who was old enough to be his father, but I don't think he was his father. No other Collins families were nearby. His neighbor Dempsey Collins owned property near Flat Swamp (waters of Catfish Creek) according to several deeds. So perhaps Shadrack lived in this same area. Dempsey sold this land to Thomas Collins, so it seems that Dempsey, Thomas and Shadrack could all be brothers. The 1810 census showed an Isam Pounds and a Joseph Pounds in Marion District, but not listed too near Shadrack's household. Neither of them seemed to be old enough to be Mary's parents.

1810 census analysis (based on available evidence): (Explanation of this census)

1810 Marion Dist, SC pg 10/79A Shaderic Collins 10010-20100
1 Male(s) 26-44       (1765-1784)	Shadrack COLLINS (1765/84)
1 Male(s) 0-9         (1800-1810)	William COLLINS (1805/06) son
1 Female(s) 16-25     (1784-1794)	Mary POUNDS Collins (1790/91) wife
2 Female(s) 0-9       (1800-1810)	Daughter?

I didn't find Shadrack on the 1820 census, at least not in Marion Dist, SC. He either moved away or died in the 1810-20 timeframe.

I've recently been in contact with two researchers (Lyn Collins and Ruby Collins Reed) who have a Shadrack Collins about this same age who was in Marion Co, MS in 1830 and in Perry Co, MS in 1840. Isom Pounds (who was from Marion Co, SC) also went to these counties, and one of his children married one of Shadrack's children. This makes it seem very likely that their Shadrack is the same as this one. In fact, I feel fairly strongly about him being the same. Isom Pounds was a neighbor to Thomas Collins in Marion District, SC in 1810 census. Lyn and Ruby have followed this family through MS records and eventually into LA. I've done the following analysis based on some information they sent me about the family.

Shadrack apparently left Marion Dist, MS in the 1810-1820 timeframe. I did find a "Shadrac Collins" in Washington Parish, LA in 1820 (and a James Collins also). There was a "William Pounes" on the same page, so this could be the same folks. Of special note is the fact that Washington Parish, LA (formed in 1819) borders Marion Co, Mississippi (formed 1811). I feel sure this is the same Shadrack under study here. Some of his other neighbors in 1820 included James and Thomas Ard who had also been in Marion Dist, SC in 1800.

In 1830, there were no Collins listed in Washington Parish, LA (nor any Pounds). The Ard family was still there though. I don't have an 1830 MS census index, but Lyn and Ruby tell me that Shadrack was listed in Marion Co, MS in 1830. So it would seem that Shadrack moved one county over between 1820 and 1830, or else he lived in a border area to begin with and the county / state lines changed. Land records could answer that question.

By 1840 Shadrack moved to Perry Co, MS which borders Marion Co, MS on the east, so once again, he moved one county over. (These two counties no longer border each other due to new counties created afterwards). The 1840 census shows "Shadrick" and Meschack and a "Shadrick Jr" and a David Collins all listed in Perry Co, MS, and on the same page (though the census is alphabetical, not in original order).

Lyn and Ruby told me that the family moved to St. Tammany Parish, LA by 1850, and as they said, I did find some of the Collins family listed there on the 1850 census. As before, they didn't move far, as St. Tammany is the next county below Washington Parish, LA (where Shadrack was in 1820). I found a W. Collins age 44 (or 49?), born SC, this must be William Collins. Members of the Pounds family were listed on the same page with him. All the older ones born in SC. Other Collins were nearby as well.

Some of the family remained in Perry Co, MS, as I found some still there, including: Abednego Collins, age 38 (c1812) born SC, next door to a widow Mary Collins, 59 (c1791) born SC. This is probably the widow of Shadrack. Just two houses away from her is Peter Collins, 31 (born MS), possibly a son;  David Collins age 36 (born SC) is a few pages away. He might also be a son.  


Shadrack Collins and Mary Pounds apparently had several children, many of whom seem to be in Perry Co, MS and St. Tammany Parish, LA in 1850. Ruby Reed gave me a list of their children's names. See the register report below for the data I have so far, most of the children's data was gleaned from the 1850 census, and from earlier census records. I have not seen any primary documents proving that these are actually Shadrack's kids, but circumstantial evidence seems to strongly suggest that they are his kids, though it is possible some are nephews instead. 

Researcher List

Persons researching this family (click here for data on how to get on or off of this list):

Register Report

1. Shadrack1 Collins , born 1780/84; died 1840/50 in Perry Co, MS He married in 1800/10 in Marion Dist, SC Mary Pounds , born 1790/91 in SC; died aft 1850 in Perry Co, MS.

Children of Shadrack Collins and Mary Pounds were as follows:


Generation 2

2. William2 Collins (Shadrack1), born 1805/06 in Marion Dist, SC; died aft 1850 in St Tammany Parish, LA. He married bef 1836 in Perry Co, MS Margaret (---) , born 1813/14 in MS.

Children of William Collins and Margaret (---) were as follows:

3. Abednego2 Collins (Shadrack1), born 1811/12 in Marion Dist, SC. He married bef 1843 in Perry Co, MS Sarah (---) , born 1812/13 in MS.

Children of Abednego Collins and Sarah (---) were as follows:

4. David2 Collins (Shadrack1), born 1813/14 in Marion Dist, SC. He married bef 1838 in Perry Co, MS Hester (---) , born 1813/14 in MS.

Children of David Collins and Hester (---) were as follows:

5. Peter2 Collins (Shadrack1), born 1818/19 in Marion Co, MS. He married bef 1839 in Perry Co, MS Mary (---) , born 1818/19 in MS.

Children of Peter Collins and Mary (---) were as follows:

6. Shadrack2 Collins (Shadrack1), born 1819/20 in Marion Dist, SC. He married bef 1836 in Perry Co, MS Asenith (---) , born 1820/21 in MS.

Children of Shadrack Collins and Asenith (---) were as follows:

7. Meshack2 Collins (Shadrack1), born 1819/20 in Marion Dist, SC. He married bef 1840 in Perry Co, MS Eliza (---) , born 1819/20 in MS.

Children of Meshack Collins and Eliza (---) were as follows: Home > Genealogy > Collins > Families > Shadrack