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Edwards Genealogy - Eastern North Carolina and Eastern South Carolina

Genealogy > Edwards

Welcome to my Edwards genealogy pages. I am interested in the Edwards surname in eastern North Carolina, primarily in Wayne and Duplin Counties. My Edwards left that region and moved to Horry Co., SC in the 1850's. Some went to western TN, namely Madison County. I have only limited interest in the Edwards surname in counties other than those just mentioned.

My old Edwards Pages - I created web pages for many of the Edwards families. These are old and way out of date, but they do still contain useful information, so I've left them online for now, pending transfering all the data to my new database. Keep in mind that they haven't been updated in years. Refer to my newer pages before offering any "corrections."

Edwards Family Pages - Each Edwards family has their own web page, complete with all documentation I've found so far.  The link will take you to the surname index. Find the "Edwards" surname and click on it and an index of all individuals will be displayed. Or you can use the search engine (to the left) to find a specific family or person.

What's New - Recent updates.

My Ancestry (two distinct lines)

  1. John Edwards (c1740s?-1810) and unknown wife of Dobbs, Lenoir and Wayne Co., NC. 2nd wife Winifred Miles (not actually married).
  2. David Edwards (1764-1839) and Lydia --- of Wayne and Duplin Co., NC. They divorced in 1831! He was a Revolutionary War Soldier.
  3. Barnabas Edwards (c1806-1860s) and 1-Catherine ---, 2-Mary J. Hurley of Wayne and Duplin Co., NC and Madison and Dyer Co., TN.
  4. William Edwards (c1826-c1897) and 1-Rachel Roberts, 2-Martha E. Parker of Wayne Co., NC, Horry and Marion and Florence Co., SC.
  5. Gabriel E. Edwards (1849-1938) and 1-Louisa Floyd, 2-Celia Caroline Johnson of Horry Co., SC.
  6. Henrietta Edwards (1893-1963) and Willie Spencer Campbell of Marion Co., SC. My great grandparents.
  7. My Second Edwards line. I've barely researched these:
  8. Thomas Edwards (d 1751) and Martha --- of Lunenburg Co., VA.
  9. Thomas Edwards (c1720-1791) and Lucy --- of Lunenburg and Halifax and Pittsylvania Co., VA.
  10. Martha Edwards (c1763-1824) and William Sams of Henry Co., VA and Washington (now Carter) Co., TN, Burke and Buncombe Co., NC, Ballard Co., KY and Union Co. IL. My 6x Great Grand parents.
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What's New?

4 Jul 2018 - Reformatted main Edwards page.

22 Jun 2018 - Updated 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 census data for families
of Daniel Edwards (1816) and Sampson Edwards (c1823). Also updated
Daniel's Estate (1870) information with more details. Prompted by email
from Brooke Edwards. See their family page.


Counties included. If a county isn't listed, I have not done any Edwards research there. Clicking on the link will open a search window showing results for Edwards + that county name. New updates may take a few days to appear in search results.
Duplin Co., NC - thru ca 1870
Wayne Co., NC - thru ca 1900
Horry Co., SC - thru present
Marion Co., SC - thru ca 1930
Florence Co., SC - thru ca 1900
Madison Co., TN - thru ca 1870
Dyer Co., TN - thru ca 1870