Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Eli Page
Born: 1794/1804 in Marion Dist, SC
Married: in Marion Dist, SC
Died: after 1820 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Solomon Page
Mother: Sarah Ford
Wife: Bennett
Born: in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Bennett
Mother: >>>
Additional Information

Eli Page:


!CENSUS:1820 Marion Dist., SC pg 64
Ely Page age 16-25 (1794/1804)

!REFERENCE: A History of Marion County, South Carolina From Its Earliest Times to the Present, 1901, by W. W. Sellers, Esq., of the Marion Bar. 1902. pp. 162-166
Solomon Page lived and died on Bear Swamp, on the road from Lumberton, N. C, to Nichols, S. C. ; his wife was a Miss Ford ; he raised a considerable family, sons and daughters ; the sons were Eli, Joseph, James E., David and John F., all of whom were our citizens thirty or forty years ago, but all now dead, each leaving a family of sons and daughters. They and their descendants and connections are numerous, and especially in that part of the county. Three of the sons, EH, John F. and David, married three sisters. Misses Bennett-somewhat remarkable. ;

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