Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Jehu Harper
Born: MAY 1860 in SC
Married: 1884/1885 in Marion Co, SC
Died: after 1920 in Tattnall Co, GA
Wife: Angeline Turner
Born: 22 MAY 1860 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: 02 DEC 1923 in Tattnall Co, GA
Father: Joel H Turner
Mother: Permelia
Additional Information

Angeline Turner:


!CENSUS:1860 Marion Dist., SC Oak Grove PO, # 1351/1338
Joel Turner, 32 Farmer, $0 / 150 SC
Parmelia 32
Joseph 12
L. A. (or S. A.) Turner 10 female
A. E. Turner 6 female
S. J. (or L. J.) Turner, 3 female
A. Turner 1/12 female
All listed as mulattoes.


!CENSUS:1880 Marion Co., SC Kirby Township # 355/355
Joel H. Turner, 51 married, Farmer, SC-SC-SC
Permillea, 50 wife Keeping house
Angialine 20 daughter married
Ida 1 granddaughter.
All listed as white.

!NOTE:Cherry Harper wrote me in Oct 2008 in regards to Angeline Turner Harper seeking info. I didn't know at that point who Angeline (dau of Joel) had married, but she had spouse info and that they went to Tattnall Co., GA. Didn't know parents, etc.

!CENSUS:1900 * Tattnall Co., GA;

!CENSUS:1910 * Tattnall Co., GA;

!CENSUS:1920 * Tattnall Co., GA;

!D/C 2 Dec 1923 Tattnall Co., GA Angeline Harper, born 22 May 1861 Marion Co., SC. father blank, mother Angeline Turner, inf: G. H. Harper;

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