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Husband: John Turner
Born: 1765 in Halifax Co, NC (now Martin Co, NC)
Married: before 1790 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: 1840/1850 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: John Turner
Mother: Patience Smith
Spouses: Lydia
Wife: Juda Hathcock
Born: before 1790
Died: 1810/1820 in Marion Dist, SC
01 (M): Joseph Turner
Born: 1802/1803 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: after 1850 in Marion Dist, SC
Spouses: Elizabeth
02 (M): John Turner
Born: 1804/1805 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: 1880/1900 in Webster Co, GA
Spouses: Ruth; Martha G
03 (F): Mildred Turner
Born: 1806/1807 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: after 1880 in Webster Co, GA
Spouses: DeRiley Hewlin
04 (M): Henry Turner
Born: 1810 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: 1852/1860 in Guilford Co, NC
Spouses: Margaret
Additional Information

John Turner:


!NOTE:Rev War Pension file contains some interesting info including his birth place. Says he lived near Camden for one year after war, but lived in Marion District mostly;

!CENSUS:1790 Georgetown District, SC Prince Frederick Parish pg 52 John TURNER age 16+ (Bef 1774) "1-1-1-0-0";

!DEED:20 Sep 1793 Marion Co., SC Deed Book C, p. 260
Benjamin Blackmon of parish of Prince George in Georgetown District, SC planter to John Turner Jr of same place, planter. On 6 Feb last past Benjamin Blackmon was granted 1186a on Catfish Swamp bounded by John Sanders, Thomas Hulin, John Sanders, Hugh Giles, Harrison Lucas. For L11 BLACKMON conv 195a south side Catfish.
S: Benjamin Blackmon, Anne (X) Blackmon.
Wit: John Sanders, John Blackmon.
* From "Marion County South Carolina Abstracts of Deeds Volume One Books A - E 1800-1811", Lucille Utley, Alita White Sutcliffe, 1996.;

!CENSUS:1800 Marion Dist, SC pg 806 John TURNER Jr no ages given, family listed as 4 Free Colored;


!TAXLIST:1814 Marion Dist, SC John TURNER $1.57 1/2;

!DEED:16 Dec 1819 Marion Co, SC Deeds I-146 William TURNER & John TURNER to John BRIDGES for $100, 68a East side Catfish. S: William Turner, John (X) Turner. Wit: James G. CRAWFORD, Nathaniel MURFEE;

!CENSUS:1820 Marion Dist., SC page 67 John Turner age 45+ (bef 1775)
020100-01100, FPC 0001-0000

!NAMED:20 Nov 1821 Marion Dist, SC Inventory Book 1827-1836 pg 14 John HENRY Estate. Merchant. Notes & Accounts: ... Benjamin JOHNSON Sr ... Roger ROBERTS ... Richard JOHNSON son of Sam, ... Francis JOHNSON, James CAMPBELL ... Duncan CAMPBELL ... James JAMES ... Theophilus CAMPBELL ... Alexander LANE ... Carey JOHNSON, son of Lewis, ... Levy BLACKMAN ... Norton ROBERTS ... Elizabeth CRIB ... Lewis JOHNSON ... John BLACKMAN ... John TURNER, Samuel JOHNSON, Mrs. Kezia ROBERTS ... Cresse BARNES ... Scarce Book WATSON Jr ... James CRAWFORD ... Readon ROBERTS ... Jeremiah CAMPBELL ... Anthony CRIB ... James CRAWFORD ... David BLACKMAN ... Gadi CRAWFORD & James G. CRAWFORD ... Willis HUGGINS ... David EDWARDS ... Dempsy CRIBB ... Col. James JOHNSON ... Willis & James G. CRAWFORD ...;

!DEED:16 Aug 1826 Marion Co., SC Deed Book O, p. 242
John Turner, planter of Marion Dist to Isham Watson, planter of same place, for $150. 99a being p/o two tracts of land. one granted to John Turner for 150a dated 6 Jun 1785 and the other granted to Benjamin Blackman for 991a 6 Feb 1792 and conveyed from him to John Turner. West side Catfish Swamp bounded on the north by Robert Husseys land, E by William Turners land, S by Wickham Watsons, and W by Sampson Faulks land.
S: John (his mark) Turner.
Wit: Salathiel Moody, B. Moody, QU
Liddy (her mark) Turner, wife of John Turner relinq dower before B. Moody, QU 2 Sep 1826.
* From "Abstracts of Marion County [SC] Deed Books O and P 1831-1835", Lucille Utley, Kathy Loyd, John M. Gregg. Three Rivers Historical Society, 2003.;

!CENSUS:1830 Marion Dist, SC pg 48 John TURNER age 60-69 (1760/70)

!CENSUS:1840 Marion Dist, SC pg 182 John TURNER Sr age 70-79 (1760/70) "2110000001-002101";


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