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Stewart Genealogy - Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee and Northern Georgia

Welcome to my Stewart web pages. This surname is also spelled Stuart, and occasionally Steward or Stuard.

I have three Stewart "lines" that all tie back together into the same family.

My first line begins with Margaret Emaline Stewart (1835-aft 1910) who married Thomas M. Henderson 1857 in Union Co., GA where she was born. She is a child of John Stewart (c1807-aft 1870) and Ruth Tutt who married ca 1831 in Buncombe Co., NC. They lived in Haywood and Buncombe Co., NC, later to Union Co., GA and finally to Polk Co., TN. John is a son of Noah Stewart (c1786-1881) and Nancy (---) who lived in Buncombe and Haywood Co., NC and Union Co., GA. Noah is a son of John Stewart (1730/40-1830) and Mary Ann who lived in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Co., NC and perhaps Guilford Co., NC before moving to Buncombe, Haywood and Macon Counties, NC. John's parents are unknown.

My second line begins with Mary Stewart (c1820-1860s) who married Joshua Gilbert ca 1852 in Union Co., GA. Mary is a child of Noah and Nancy mentioned above.

My third line begins with Emelia Stewart (1770/75-1840s) who married Michael Waters ca 1790s in Cabarrus Co., NC. She is a daughter of John and Mary Ann mentioned above.


Stewart DNA Project - Use DNA testing to break down your genealogical brick walls and find out which genetic branch of the family you are part of. Click link for details. I'm not involved in the Graham project, but I highly recommend it.  Some have tested from my line and match each other, but haven't matched any other Stewart or Stuart lines yet.

Stewart is the 51st most common surname in America, Stuart is the 917th most common. (Source: Name Statistics)