Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Cornelius McHaney George
Born: 19 AUG 1795 in Pittsylvania Co, VA
Married: 20 MAR 1877 in Pittsylvania Co, VA
Died: after 1880 in Pittsylvania Co, VA
Father: Hugh George
Mother: Celia McHaney
Spouses: Anna Dove; Rosa McClanahan; Amanda Blankenship
Wife: Susan
Born: 1822/03 in Pittsylvania Co, VA
Died: 1877/1879 in Pittsylvania Co, VA
Spouses: Roark
Additional Information

Cornelius McHaney George:


!CENSUS:1800 * Lost for VA;

!CENSUS:1810 * Lost for Pittsylvania Co, VA;

!MARRIAGE:20 Mar 1815 Pittsylvania Co, VA Cornelius Mc. George and Ann Dove;

!CENSUS:1820 Pittsylvania Co, VA pg 64 Cornelius M. GEORGE age 16-25 (1794/1804) "000100-30010";

!CENSUS:1830 Pittsylvania Co, VA pg 342 C.M. GEORGE age 30-39 (1790/1800) "410001-013001";

!CENSUS:1840 Pittsylvania Co, VA pg 170 Cornelius Mc George age 40-49 (1790/1800)

!CENSUS:1850 Pittsylvania Co, VA pg 199 / 432 / 432 Northern District
George Cornelius M 54 M W Farmer 1260. VA
George Anna 56 F W VA
George Noton 28 M W Laborer VA
George William 24 M W Laborer VA
George Ashford 21 M W Laborer VA
George Winney 15 F W VA
George Washington 14 M W VA
George Marion 12 M W VA
Barber Eliza 20 F W VA
Goad Sally 32 F W VA
Goad Jackson 12 M W VA
Goad Richard 4 M W VA
Goad Sally 3 F W VA

!GRANT: 2 Apr 1855 VA Grants 111-46 Pittsylvania Co, VA, 92a head of Old Womans Creek to Cornelius M. GEORGE;

!CENSUS:1860 Pittsylvania Co, VA pg 265 North District # 786/786
George Cornelius M 64 M W Farmer 3000. 400. VA
George William 35 M W Farm Laborer VA
George Washington 25 M W Farm Laborer VA
Goad Richard 17 M W Farm Laborer VA
Goad Sally F 12 F W VA

!MARRIAGE:25 Sep 1862 Pittsylvania Co, VA Cas? M. George and Rosa McClanahan;

!CENSUS:1870 Pittsylvania County, Virginia Subdivision North of Dan River / Chatham
pg 318 / 4379 / 4398
George Cornelius M 74 M W Farmer 360. 128. VA
George Rosetta 78 F W Keeping House VA
Barber Jane 18 F W At Home VA
Fowler Henry 44 M W Farm Laborer VA

!CENSUS:1880 Pittsylvania County, Virginia Staunton Magisterial District pg 334D / 405 / 405
George Cornelius 87 M W M Gunsmith VA-VA-VA
George Amanda 58 F W WF M Keeping House VA-VA-VA

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