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I created this site a long time ago to freely share my research with all who were interested. There is no charge at all to view any information here. However, all costs associated with maintaining this site come out of our pockets. Therefore I do accept donations. So if you want to send something, no matter how small, I greatly appreciate it. There is more than one way you can help.

Monetary Donation via Snail-Mail

Send to: Marty Grant, 3291 Alton Phillips Rd, Kinston, NC 28504


Monetary Donation via PayPal


Purchase a Book

I have written and published several genealogy books. If one of them is of interest to you, please buy a copy. Most of them are also available as downloads which you can read on your own computer. The downloads are much less expensive than the printed editions and don't take up valuable shelf space.

Hire me to do some research, use the banner below:

US Census Lookups


I don't like putting advertisements on my site, but I do have a couple here and there. Clicking on those and purchasing something or subscribing helps me out as I get a small commission on each sale.


Buy Something For Me

I love getting an unexpected book or CD in the mail. I have a "Wish List" on that includes several titles that I plan to buy eventually. If they are listed there, I don't already have them, so if you'd rather help me this way, feel free! You don't have to purchase a new one, get a used one, they don't cost much, and I don't mind used books at all! Sometimes they only cost a few cents!

My Wish List

I also have a Genealogy Book Wish List with several books that I plan to get over time. These come from a variety of publishers. I keep this list up to date, so if a title is listed, I don't have it yet. Used books are okay here as well.


I appreciate any help you can offer. If you can't make a donation, don't worry about it. I do appreciate your prayers and well wishes too.