Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Simeon Dunn
Born: 1755/1774
Married: before 1793
Died: 1800/1804 in Buncombe Co, NC
Wife: Phoebe Patterson
Born: 1755/1765
Died: after 1813 in Buncombe Co, NC
Father: Matthew Patterson
Mother: ?
01 (M): Joseph A Dunn
Born: 1792/03 in NC
Died: after 1860 in Henderson Co, NC (now Transylvania Co, NC)
Spouses: Elizabeth Hogsed
Additional Information

Simeon Dunn:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 6th Great Grand Uncle, by marriage;

!NOTES:I haven't yet seen any direct proof that Simeon/Simon Dunn was the husband of widow Phoebe Dunn, but it seems likely;

!NOTES:Gary Carson noted that there was a Simon / Simeon Dunn in Guilford Co., NC ca 1780 who was a neighbor of his ancestor Robert Carson (father of David Carson). A Nicholas Dunn was also a neighbor. This may very well be the same person, but certain evidence suggests not.
That one "Simon Dunn" married Nancy Paul on 3 Oct 1772 in Guilford. If same man, then he married Phoebe Patterson later on.
The Simon/Simeon of Guilford was one of the "regulators" and died 10 Jun 1823 aged 73 years in Lincoln Co., NC, buried at Long Creek Memorial Baptist Church.
That puts him born ca 1750.
That Simon Dunn married Mary Biggers Wedington in 1795. That seems to preclude him from being our Simeon Dunn.

!CENSUS:1790 x
x Not found in NC or SC. There was a "Simon Dunn" in Mecklenburg County, his household contained one person, a free colored person. Probably not same man.;

!CENSUS:1800 Buncombe Co., NC p. 167
Simeon Dun age 26-44 (1755/74)
* Census is alphabetical;

!CENSUS:1810 * Lincoln Co., NC p. 415
Simon Dun age 45+ (bef 1765)
* This is the the other one, not ours.;

Phoebe Patterson:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 6th Great Grand Aunt, assuming she is a child of Matthew Patterson, which isn't proven.;

!NOTES:Phoebe Dunn was named in the 1813 Will of Samuel Patterson (Haywood Co., NC), but no relationship was stated. It seems that she is probably his sister based upon their ages, etc. However, I have yet to find any record that proves she was a Patterson by birth, and if she was, whether or not she was a child of Matthew Patterson Sr., and a sister to Samuel Patterson. It would be nice to have records proving those things. However, for now, we have her being named in Samuel Patterson's Will which shows a *connection* between herself and him.;


!CENSUS:1800 * Buncombe Co, NC pg 167 w/Dr? Simeon DUN age 26-44 (1755/74);

!CENSUS:1804 Walton Co., GA Eastern District, Captain Clayton
... Phoebe Dunn, 8 whites ...
* Two houses from James Irvin (Erwin);

!CENSUS:1810 Buncombe Co., NC p. 170
Phebe Dunn age 45+ (bef 1765)
* Neighbors are Walter Clayton and John Heath;

!NAMED-WILL:31 May 1813 Haywood Co., NC Samuel Patterson (Loose Wills)
... my saddle and saddle bags to Samuel Patterson my brothers son ...
... unto Salley Owen one bed and furniture and a chest ...
... unto David Cason (sic) two pair of britches ...
... unto Febe Dunn one pot ...
... unto Jessey Owen all my money due to me on notes of hand ... $76.75, also $15.50 ...
... unto Samuel Patterson Owen one silver watch ...
... my worthy friends Jessey Owen and Samuel Patterson Executors ...
Signed: Samuel (his mark) Patterson ...
Witnesses: Elijah Owen
George Williams
Levy (his mark) ---
... Elijah Owens was offered to prove but on his Oath could not say that he ever heard the deceased ... (hard to make out) ...;

!CENSUS:1820 x

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