Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Matthew Mashburn
Born: 1755/1765 in NC
Married: before 1790 in Burke Co, NC (now McDowell Co, NC)
Died: 1826/1830 in Burke Co, NC (now McDowell Co, NC)
Wife: Susanna Stroud
Born: 1765/06 in Orange Co, NC
Died: after 1850 in Buncombe Co, NC
Father: Peter Stroud
Mother: Naomi
01 (M): James Mashburn
Born: 1790/01 in Burke Co, NC (now McDowell Co, NC)
Died: 1886 in Gilmer Co, GA
Spouses: Rebecca Stroud
02 (F): Elizabeth Mashburn
Born: 1798/09 in Burke Co, NC (now McDowell Co, NC)
Died: MAR 1876 in Fannin Co, GA
Spouses: John Davis; Abel Harris
03 (M): Thomas Mashburn
Born: 1804/05 in Burke Co, NC (now McDowell Co, NC)
Died: after 1860 in Macon Co, NC
Spouses: Letta Powell
04 (M): Rabun Mashburn
Born: 1811/02 in Burke Co, NC (now McDowell Co, NC)
Spouses: Mary E
05 (F): Lois Mashburn
Born: in Burke Co, NC (now McDowell Co, NC)
Spouses: John P Hall
Additional Information

Matthew Mashburn:


!NOTES:Special thanks to Tom Mashburn and David Smith for sharing information on this family.;

!CENSUS:1790 Burke Co., NC p. 106
Matthew Mashburn age 16+ (bef 1774)

!ENTRY:19 Dec 1792 Burke Co, NC Land Entries # 229 Mathew MASHBURN, 100a on a branch of Muddy Creek named Glade Creek. Ent 19 Dec 1792. Warrent Issued 21 Apr 1793;

!CENSUS:1800 Burke Co., NC p. 771
Matthew Mashburn age 26-44 (1755/1774)

!CENSUS:1810 Burke Co., NC p. 117
Matthew Mashburn age 45+ (bef 1765)

!COURT:Jan 1810 Burke Co, NC "Ordered by the court that the following perons be a Jury to View and alter the road if expindent from the corner of Peter STROUD Junr Field to the upper end of Peter STROUD Senr Plantation on the road from Rutherford to the mouth of Buck creak to wit, Thomas GREEN, William GREEN, Wilkliam GREEN Junr, John MITCHELL, John KELLER, Peter STROUD Jr, Peter STROUD Senr, James PATTON, Joseph RICHY, Mathew MASHBURN, William CARSON, Robert HOODG [or possibly Moody or Woody], James ARMSTRONG, Joseph WILSON, Thomas MORRISON, James HIX, William MASHBURN and report thereof." This area is now McDowell County. On April 14, the jury reported that it had "met and found a road past Peter STROUDs field.";

!CENSUS:1820 Burke Co., NC p. 97
Mathew Mashburn age 45+ (bef 1775)

!WILL:26 Mar 1826 Burke Co, NC Know all men by these presents that I Matthew Mashburn of the said State and county being in the use of my proper senses in full and sound & composed mind do will and direct that after my death my property to be disposed of in the following way and manner that is to say to my beloved wife Susana the full use and possession during her life of that part of the land that I shall hereafter describe and will to my son Raeburn Mashburn also one negro Boy named Arthur with all the Stock of horses cattle hogs and sheep also all the household furniture farming tools and other property I possess except that part of my land which falls to my son Thomas Mashburn as shall be hereafter described provided nevertheless that if the said Thomas Mashburn or Raburn Mashburn or my daughter Lois Mashburn when they come to age to lawfully to act for themselves shall demand it. Then my
above named wife is to give out of the stock & furniture to each of them so
demanding as much as the other children have each received from me of any
moveable property. I do also will and direct that all my land being part of
five tracts containing three hundred and 28 acres be divided by a line
running East and West as to be equal in value and that my son Thomas shall
have the South side and that my son Raburn Mashburn have the north side
including the buildings but not the possession of the above named lands
during his mothers life time*. I do further will and direct that all of the
above named property the land excepted with increase or decrease be at the
death of my wife equally divided amongst all my children or their heirs by
sale of the property or otherwise provided that if any of named three
children shall not have received the above named portion to make them equal
with what the others received. Then their part to make them equal to be
given and the remainder to be divided equally between them and the other
children. And I do hereby declare the above written to be my last will and
testament And I hereby nominate and appoint my sons James & Thomas Mashburn
to execute and put in force this my last will and testament in witness of
which I have hereunto caused my name to be signed and affixed my marke &
seal this 26 day of march one thousand eight hundred and twenty six. S: MATTHEW (X) MASHBURN {SEAL}, Attest: Joseph Neal, James Hicks. A true copy, Test J. Erwin, clerk;


!ESTATE:-- Jul 1836 Burke Co, NC # 355 Matthew MASHBURN, wife Susan, presented for probate by Thomas MASHBURN, exec. Proved by Joseph NEEL, witness;

Susanna Stroud:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 5th Great Grand Aunt.;

!BIRTH:ca 1763/64 per 1850 census, age 86
!BIRTH:ca 1765/66 per 1845 deposition saying 79 and 1847 deposition saying 81;

!CENSUS:1790 Burke Co, NC pg 106 w/Matthew MASHBURN no ages (bef 1790);

!CENSUS:1800 Burke Co, NC pg 71 w/Matthew MASHBURN age 26-44 (1755/74);

!CENSUS:1810 Burke Co, NC pg 117 w/Mathew MASHBURN age 26-44 (1765/84);

!CENSUS:1820 Burke Co, NC pg 97 w/Mathew MASHBURN age 45+ (bef 1775);

!NAMED-WILL:13 Feb 1821 Burke Co., NC Peter Stroud Snr (Thanks to Mary Fern Souder for finding this)
Peter Stroud Junr
Nancy Stroud
John Porter - Sally Porter
Elizabeth Stroud my wife
Mathew Mashburn - Susannah Mashburn
Peggy Harris
John Stroud
William Stroud
David Stroud
William Green - Kiziah Green
Fanny Stroud
Jorden Stroud
Robert Trassler - Obedience Trasher
Hodg Raburn
Thos Raburn - Polly Raburn
Rebecker Smith;

!CENSUS:1830 Burke Co., NC p. 184
Susan Mashburn age 60-69 (1760/1770)

!CENSUS:1840 Buncombe Co., NC p. 178
Abel Harris age 40-49 (1790/1800)
My analysis (who each person *might* be)
1m 40-49 (1790/1800) = Abel Harris (c1792)
1m 20-29 (1810/1820) = Matthew Davis (1817) step-son
1m 0-4 (1835/1840) = Abel F. Harris (c1834) or Thomas L. Harris (c1836) sons**
1f 60-69 (1770/1780) = Susannah Stroud Mashburn (c1764) mother-in-law
1f 40-49 (1790/1800) = Elizabeth Mashburn Davis Harris (c1800) wife
1f 15-19 (1820/1825) = Daughter?
1f 10-14 (1825/1830) = Eliza Harris (c1828) daughter
1f 5-9 (1830/1835) = Elizabeth Harris (c1833) daughter
1f 0-4 (1835/1840) = Daughter?
** Only room for one of these two sons.;

!CENSUS:1850 Buncombe Co., NC # 1023/1023
Abel Harris 58 Farmer $2500 NC
Elizabeth 50
Elizabeth 17
Abel F. 16 Laborer
Thos L. 14
Julius Freeland 22 Laborer married within census year
Eliza 22 married within census year
Susan Mashborn 86
Hannah M. Davis 3
Ann E. 8/12;

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