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Husband: John Lewis
Born: 1728 in Hanover Co, VA
Married: before 1752 in Albemarle Co, VA
Died: about APR 1782 in Rutherford Co, NC
Father: David Lewis
Mother: Anne Terrell
Spouses: Susanna Clarkson
Wife: Sarah Taliaferro
01 (M): Robert Lewis
Born: 1752 in Albemarle Co, VA
Died: 1799 in Clark Co, KY
02 (M): Maj John Lewis
Born: 1757 in Albemarle Co, VA
Spouses: Anne Berry Earle
03 (M): Col Richard Lewis
Born: 1755/1774 in Albemarle Co, VA
Died: 1831 in Pendleton Dist, SC
Spouses: Sarah Miller
04 (M): Charles Crawford Lewis
Born: 26 MAY 1761 in Albemarle Co, VA
Died: 13 DEC 1833 in Rutherford Co, NC
Spouses: Elizabeth Russell
05 (M): Taliaferro Lewis
Born: about 1755
Died: 1810 in VA
06 (F): Mildred McCoy Lewis
Born: about 1759
Died: in SC
Spouses: Thomas Rowland
Additional Information

John Lewis:


!WILL:20 Oct 1779 Rutherford Co, NC A-2, John LEWIS, pr Apr 1782. Wife Susana.
Daughter Mildred ROWLAND, daughter Frances Roads LEWIS, son Julius C.
LEWIS. Son David J. LEWIS. My Son Taliaffero LEWIS, Alexander MACKEY and
Jonathan HAMPTON, Esq as Executors. Wit: Thomas ROWLAND, John MILLER,
Alexander McFADIN. S: John Lewis;

(01) Robert Lewis:


NOTE:Died Single, 1799 Clarke Co, KY, per Rutherford Co, NC History;

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