Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: John B Shell
Born: 1785/06 in Brunswick Co, VA
Married: before 1850 in Brunswick Co, VA
Father: William Shell
Mother: Sarah "Sally" Dugger
Wife: Tabitha
Born: 1781/02 in VA
Additional Information

John B Shell:





!CENSUS:1820 * Brunswick Co, VA pg 43 John B. SHELL *;

!CENSUS:1830 * Brunswick Co, VA pg 248 John B. SHELL *;


!DEED:-- --- 1845 (rec 29 Mar 1845) Brunswick Co, VA 34-51 John SHELL, Ann SHELL, Thomas CARROLL who married Rebecca SHELl. John DUGGER, Sterling DUGGER, Thomas KIRKLAND who married Ermine DUGGER, all of Brunswick, power of atty to Ro. COOK of Fayette Co, TN to collect any money which may be due under Will of James DUGGER, late of county of Tippah, MS as heirs of Sarah SHELL or Henry DUGGER. The said John B. SHELL, Ann SHELL, and Rebecca CARROLL being heirs and children of Sarah SHELL. and said John DUGGER, Sterling DUGGER and Ermine KIRKLAND formerly DUGGER, being the heirs and children of Henry DUGGER, which said Henry DUGGER and Sarah SHELL are sister and brother, by those named, mentioned in Will of said James DUGGER, late of Tippah Co, MS;

!CENSUS:1850 Brunswick Co, VA Southern District # 164 John B. SHELL, 64 (1785/86) born VA;






!CENSUS:1850 Brunswick Co, VA Southern District # 164 Tabitha SHELL, 68 (1781/82) born VA;

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