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Husband: Ebenezer Lafayette Skipper
Born: 20 APR 1860 in Horry Dist, SC
Married: after 1880 in Horry Co, SC
Died: 18 JAN 1931 in Horry Co, SC
Father: Arthur Crawford Skipper
Mother: Mary Ann Johnson


Wife: Sarah Graham
Died: after 1931 in Horry Co, SC
01 (M): Marion Baker Skipper
Born: 04 NOV 1886 in Horry Co, SC
Died: 21 NOV 1937 in Horry Co, SC


Additional Information

Ebenezer Lafayette Skipper:


!NOTES:I (Marty Grant) am not related to this person as far as I've been able to determine.
(1) I am a Horry Co., SC Johnson researcher, so I'm interested for this reason.
(2) This person is an uncle/aunt of my uncle Joe Skipper;


!CENSUS:1860 x

!CENSUS:1870 Horry Co., SC Galivants Ferry # 575/576
Arther Skipper 47 Farmer $150/151 SC
Caroline 21
Catherine 18
Yancey 14
Ebenezer 11
Arther 8
Harriett 4
Allice 3;

!CENSUS:1880 Horry Co, SC Gallivants Ferry # 164/164
Arthur C. Skipper 57 M SC-SC-SC
Catherine 37 wife M
Catherine 26 dau S
Ebenezer L. 19 son
Arthur C. 17 son
Nettie J. 7 dau
Adda E. 5 dau
Isaac T. 3 son
Ellie N. 6/12 dec. son
Alas C. 12 gr-dau;

Sarah Graham:


!NOTES:Maiden name Sarah Graham per D/C of son Marion;

!NOTES:Didn't find D/C for her (perhaps she died after 1955, the cutoff date for SC D/C on

!NOTES:Didn't find Cemetery listing for her at Cool Springs where husband is buried.;

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