Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Joseph A Jolly
Born: 1791/02 in Georgetown Dist, SC
Married: in Marion Dist, SC
Died: 1851 in Marion Dist, SC
Wife: Susan W Cannon
Born: 1806/07 in Darlington Dist, SC
Father: William H Cannon
Mother: >>>
01 (F): Jolly
Born: in Darlington Dist, SC
Died: 1839/40 in Marion Dist, SC
Spouses: Maj Chapman J Crawford
Additional Information

Joseph A Jolly:


!REFERENCE: A History of Marion County, South Carolina From Its Earliest Times to the Present, 1901, by W. W. Sellers, Esq., of the Marion Bar. 1902. pp. 142-147
The sons of James Crawford, the second, were Chapman J. and William H. Crawford. Chapman was an ambitious, energetic and enterprising man; married, first, a Miss Jolly, an only child of Joseph Jolly, a very wealthy man in West Marion ; she died, leaving an only child; he married again, and the second wife died, and he married a third time. I think he had two or three children in all. Dr. Ross married the daughter by the Jolly wife; Junius H. Law, of Darlington, married a daughter by one of his other wives. By his energy and push and by his marriages, he made property and left a large estate at his death, which occurred in November, 1852, when only in the prime of life; he lived fast (not in the sense of a dissipated life) and went through life in a hurry. ;

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