Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Ryan
Married: before 1792 in Surry Co, NC
Died: before 1792 in Surry Co, NC
Father: Darby Ryan
Mother: Mary
Wife: Mary Murphy
Born: 1770/01 in Surry Co, NC
Died: after 1850 in Union Co, GA
Father: Cpt Richard Murphy
Mother: Keziah Terry
Spouses: Aaron Wright
Additional Information




Mary Murphy:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 4th Great Grand Parent.;

!NOTES:Her surname appears to say "Ryon" on her 1792 marriage bond. Since her maiden name is proven to be Murphy by several court records, it would appear that she was married to, and widowed from, a Mr. Ryon (or Ryan) before 1792. If so, that Ryon may be a son of Darby Ryon who lived in Surry at the time;

!CENSUS:1787 Surry Co, NC pg 144 w/Richard MURPHY no ages (bef 1787);

!CENSUS:1790 Surry Co, NC pg 183 w/Richard MURPHY no ages (bef 1790);

!MARRIAGE BOND:16 Nov 1792 Surry Co, NC Aaron Wright & Mary RYON (her name very difficult to read), David Riggs & Thomas York, bm;

!CENSUS:1800 x

!CENSUS:1810 Surry Co, NC pg 669-180 w/Aaron Wright age 26-44 (1765/84)

!TAXLIST:1812 * Surry Co, NC Cpt WITCHER's District, Polly WRIGHT

!TAXLIST:1816 * Surry Co, NC pg 27 Mary WRIGHT, 125 acres South Fork Mitchell's River, $300 real value, 0 white polls, 0 black polls;

!CENSUS:1820 Surry Co, NC pg 768-774 w/Aaron Wright age 45+ (bef 1775)

!CENSUS:1830 Surry Co, NC pg 146 Mary Wright age 50-59 (1770/1780)
0001-00012001, FPC=0, slaves=0;

!CENSUS:1840 Surry Co, NC pg 79 Mary Wright age 60-69 (1770/1780)
000001-000001001, FPC=100000-000000, slaves=0;

!CENSUS:1850 Union Co, GA 85 District PHF 213-155-155
Richard Wright, 49 M Laborer Ky
Mary 79 F NC
Kisiah 44 F "
Sally Crummmell 18 F "
Zadoc 8 M "
Mary Wright 7 F "
Kisiah Crummell 14 F "

!CENSUS:1860 x
x Not found in Union Co, GA, probably deceased;

Marriage Notes

!NOTES:Mary Murphy and Mr. Ryan didn't appear to have any children, or if so, they are unidentified;

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