Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Goforth
Born: in Rutherford Co, NC
Married: before 1837 in Burke Co, NC (now McDowell Co, NC)
Wife: Eliza Morris
Born: in Burke Co, NC (now McDowell Co, NC)
Died: after 1866
Father: John Morris
Mother: Fanny Stroud
Additional Information

Eliza Morris:


!NOTES:Mentioned in the 1837 Stroud letters, that Eliza Morris was "stole" by a Goforth from Rutherford;


!NAMED:14 Apr 1866 McDowell Co, NC Wills x-xx John MORRIS, pr Fall 1866. Wife Eleanor. Sons William A. MORRIS, John H. MORRIS. 4 daughters Mary P. WHITESIDES, Charity H. BYNUM, Eliza GOFORTH, Emily CORPENING. Executor: Son John H. MORRIS, William A. MORRIS. Witness: J.T. RICE, Elijah MORGAN;

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