Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Maj Pugh Floyd
Born: 02 MAR 1791 in Georgetown Dist, SC (now Horry Co, SC)
Married: 1860/1869 in Horry Dist, SC
Died: 17 OCT 1876 in Horry Co, SC
Father: James Floyd
Mother: Elizabeth Lewis
Spouses: Jane Graham; Sarah Hewett
Wife: Charity Pitman
Died: 1869 in Horry Co, SC
Additional Information

Maj Pugh Floyd:


!NOTES:This person is my 4x Great Grandfather.


!NOTES:Birth date is 2 Mar 1791 if his obituary is correct in that he died on 17 Oct 1876, aged 85y, 7m, 15d. However, his Pension Records give his death date as 15 Oct 1876. If that is correct, and his age at death is correct, then he was born 28 Feb 1791;

!CENSUS:1800 Georgetown Dist, SC, Waccamaw County, pg 776 w/James FLOYD age 0-9 (1790/1800);

!CENSUS:1810 Horry Dist, SC pg 145 w/James FLOYD age 16-25 (1784/94);

!MARRIAGE:22 Sep 1813 Lake Swamp, Horry Co., SC Pugh Floyd and Jane Graham (From Pugh Floyd War of 1812 Pension File);

!CENSUS:1820 Horry Dist, SC pg 134 Pugh FLOYD age 26-44 (1775/94) "200010-10100";

!CENSUS:1830 Horry Dist, SC pg 256 Pugh FLOYD age 30-39 (1790/1800)

!CENSUS:1840 Horry Dist, SC pg 329 Pew FLOYD age 40-49 (1790/1800) "1120101-2012001";

!TAXLIST:1845 Horry Dist, SC Pugh FLOYD 1838a, 11 slaves;

!CENSUS:1850 Horry Dist, SC pg 22B # 281
Pugh FLOYD, 59 SC
Jane, 55
H. J. (m) 31
Celia, 27
Pugh, 23
Samuel, 21
Keneth, 19
Harriet T., 14
Sarah A., 13
Ichabod P., 11
Martha, 6
Patince, 4
Mary A. J., 3
Thomas J. JOHNSTON, 43 NC;

!CENSUS:1860 Horry Dist, SC # 593
Pugh FLOYD, 69 SC
Jane, 65
Sarah WARD, 58 SC;

!CENSUS:1870 Horry Co, SC Gallivants Ferry pg 91B # 571/572
Pugh FLOYD, 79, M, W, at farmer, $400/ $500, SC
Sarah FLOYD, 48, F, W, at home, SC
William PAGE, 13, M, W, " ", NC
James H. PAGE, 10, M, W, " ", NC
Daniel B. PAGE, 7, M, W, " ", NC;

!DEATH:15 Oct 1876 from Pension File, or 17 Oct 1876 from Newspaper Obit:
Horry County ScArchives Obituaries.....Floyd , Pugh October 17, 1876
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Horry Weekly News October 28, 1876
Pugh Floyd

In this county, on the 17th inst., Mr. Pugh Floyd, aged 85 years, 7 months and
15 days.

The deceased was a faithful solider of his country in the war of 1812, and for
many years has been a faithful solider under the banner of the Cross. A
consistent member of the M. E. Church; generous; open-hearted and kind to his
neighbors his house was never closed against the stranger. A good man in a
ripe old age has gone to his reward.

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!NOTES:See Pugh Floyd's War of 1812 Pension Records (Shared by Bob Delamorton) -

Charity Pitman:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's Step-4th Great Grand Parent.;

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