Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: John Wesley Carpenter
Born: APR 1866 in Cherokee Co, NC (now Graham Co, NC)
Married: 1889/1890 in Mitchell Co, NC
Died: 1910/1920 in Avery Co, NC
Father: Alfred Andrew Carpenter
Mother: Nancy Bailey Daniels
Wife: Rhoda Elizabeth Vance
Born: SEP 1871 in Mitchell Co, NC (now Avery Co, NC)
Died: 24 NOV 1931 in Avery Co, NC
Father: John W Vance
Mother: Lilly Ann Isaacs
Additional Information

John Wesley Carpenter:


!CENSUS:1870 Cherokee Co, NC Cheoah # 188 John CARPENTER, 3 (1866/67) b NC;


!CENSUS:1900 * Mitchell;

!CENSUS:1910 * Mitchell;

Rhoda Elizabeth Vance:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 2nd cousin, 4 times removed.;


!DISCUSSION GROUP (Free) for those researching the William & Frances (Carpenter) Davis family:

!CENSUS:1880 Mitchell Co., NC Toe River # 193/181
John Vance 38 M Farmer NC-NC-NC
Lillia 34 Wife M Keeping House
Julia 10 dau
Rhoda 9 dau
Robert 7 son
Edgar L. 5 son
Zebulon 2 son
Elizabeth 85 mother Wd NC-VA-VA;

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