Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Taylor
Married: 1800/1804 in Horry Dist, SC
Wife: Isabel Johnston
Born: 1755/1774 in Georgetown Dist, SC (now Horry Co, SC)
Died: after 1804 in Horry Dist, SC
Father: Johnson
Mother: >>>
Spouses: Francis Floyd
Additional Information

Isabel Johnston:


!REFERENCE:Pedigree Chart of Frances Elizabeth Small Greene, 1824 Port Kimerley Place, Newport Beach, CA 92660 dated 3 Oct 1993 published in Pee Dee Queue XVII No. 6 Nov/Dec 1993, name given as Isabelle S. Johnston, 1 Jul 1763 d/o Gilbert Johnston Jr and Margaret Warburton. What proof is there?

!CENSUS:1790 Georgetown Co, SC Prince George Parish, pg 54 w/Francis FLOYD no ages (bef 1790);


!DEED:22 Oct 1804 Horry Co., SC Book A1-67 Jessie Barfield & Jane his wife [d/o Francis Floyd, decd.] vs Izabel Taylor, admx. & Hugh Floyd & Sam'l Floyd, Admrs. Writ of partition 22 Oct 1804. Commissioners: Benjamin Lewis, Samuel Foxworth, John Ford, Joseph Ford, Willis Rawls. Heirs: Izabel, widow and 7 children: Jane, Hugh, Theophilus, Johnston, Cathrine, Izabel & Francis [minors, Jane & Hugh, execs.] Division signed 20 Mar 1806. Order signed October term 1807.

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