Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Adolphus S Henry
Born: 1822/03 in Haywood Co, NC
Married: 16 OCT 1856 in Haywood Co, NC
Father: Henry
Mother: Nancy
Wife: Alice E Evans
Born: 1831/02 in Haywood Co, NC
Father: John C Evans
Mother: Susannah Bird
Additional Information

Alice E Evans:


!CENSUS:1840 Haywood Co, NC pg 125 w/John EVANS age 5-9 (1830/35);

!CENSUS:1850 Haywood Co, NC # 537 Alice EVANS, 18 (1831/32) born NC;

!MARRIAGE:16 Oct 1856 Haywood Co, NC A.S. HENRY and Ailcy E. EVENS, bond 15 Oct 1856, marr 16 Oct 1856 by E.V. PLOTT, JP. Thomas W. DAVIS, bm;

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