Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Joseph Wilson
Married: before 1839 in Carter Co, TN
Died: in KY
Wife: Anna Dugger
Born: about 1782 in Washington Co, TN (now Carter Co, TN)
Died: in KY
Father: William Dugger
Mother: ?
Additional Information

Anna Dugger:


!CENSUS:1790 * Lost for TN;

!CENSUS:1800 * Lost for TN;

!CENSUS:1810 * Lost for TN;

!CENSUS:1820 * Lost for Eastern TN;


!NAMED:10 Apr 1839 Carter Co, TN. Will of William DUGGER Sr of East Tennessee, Carter County. To my daughter Anna WILLSON. my son Mark DUGGER. my son James DUGGER. my son Julius DUGGER. my daughter Elizabeth. my daughter Levina VANHUSS, my son Thomas DUGGER, my daughter Rhoda PIERCE, my daughter Martha, my daughter Rosamond MORTON. my daughter Nancy. my daughter Sabre MORGAN. my wife Anna, and at her death to William, David and Tarlton, my three sons. Executors: My sons William DUGGER, and Tarlton DUGGER. Test: James MORGAN, Wyatt FRIFFITH;



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