Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Julius Arnold Dugger
Born: 1777/08 in Wilkes Co, NC
Married: 24 OCT 1811 in Carter Co, TN
Died: 1860/1870 in Carter Co, TN
Father: Julius Dugger
Mother: Arnold
Spouses: ?; Nancy A Overbay
Wife: Elizabeth "Betsy" Robinson
Died: 1811/1824 in Carter Co, TN
Father: John Robinson
Mother: Lydia Cole
01 (F): Freelove Dugger
Born: 1812/03 in Carter Co, TN
Died: after 1850 in Johnson Co, TN
Spouses: Rev James B Stone
02 (F): Lydia Dugger
Born: 22 NOV 1812 in Carter Co, TN
Died: 13 APR 1877 in Carter Co, TN
Spouses: John Blevins
Additional Information

Julius Arnold Dugger:


!CENSUS:1790 Lost;

!CENSUS:1800 Lost;

!CENSUS:1810 Lost;

!MARRIAGE:24 Oct 1811 Carter Co, TN Julius D. ARNOLD and Elizabeth ROBERTSON;

!WAR OF 1812:Dugger, Julius A., Pvt., Capt. Hunter Tenn Militia;

!CENSUS:1820 Lost;

!MARRIAGE:17 Apr 1824 Carter Co, TN Julius A. DUGGER & Nancy OVERBAY;

!CENSUS:1830 Carter Co, TN pg 33 Julius A. DUGGER age 50-59 (1770/80) "00000001-001001";

!CENSUS:1840 Carter Co, TN pg 179 Julas A. DUGAR age 60-69 (1770/80) "000000001-00000001";

!CENSUS:1850 Carter Co, TN 10th Civil District # 99 Julius DUGGER, 72 (1777/78) born NC. Occupation = Laborer, Real Value = 0, Married=1825;

!CENSUS:1860 Carter Co, TN # 138 Julius DUGGER, 87 (1772/73) born *;

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