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Husband: Benjamin Tarlton Dugger
Born: 1816/1817 in Carter Co, TN
Died: after 1880 in Vermillion Co, IN
Father: William Dugger
Mother: Nancy Ann Brown
Spouses: Lucinda Bradley; Eleanor W Campbell
Wife: Nancy L Rainbolt
Born: 1821/1822 in Carter Co, TN (now Johnson Co, TN)
Died: 1875 in Johnson Co, TN
Father: Elisha Rainbolt
Mother: Elizabeth Dugger
01 (M): John B Rainbolt
Born: 1854/1855 in Carter Co, TN
Died: after 1880 in Johnson Co, TN
Spouses: Alice Sophronia Matheson
Additional Information

Benjamin Tarlton Dugger:


!NAMED:Revolutionary War Pension of William DUGGER, NC, Pension Application # R3109 NC Line. William C. DUGGER, son appl 9 Jun 1853 Carter Co, TN. Soldier serv Wilkes Co, NC b there 4 Mar 1750, married Nancy MILLARD and she died 12 Feb 1807, he married 2nd Nancy Ann BROWN Pierce on 9 Apr 1809. Soldier died 18 Jun 1839 in Carter Co, TN and widow Nancy died there 6 Jun 1850. In 1853 surviving children were: by 1st wife: Elizabeth DUGGER, 59, Lavina, 57, Thomas, 55, Martha, 53, Rhoda P, 51, Rosamond, 47, by 2nd wife: Nancy, 43, William C., 41, David, 39, Benjamin T, 37, Mary Ann, 35;

!CENSUS:1820 Lost;

!CENSUS:1830 Carter Co, TN pg 27 w/William DUGGER age 10-14 (1815/20);

!NAMED:10 Apr 1839 Carter Co, TN. Will of William DUGGER Sr of East Tennessee, Carter County. To my daughter Anna WILLSON. my son Mark DUGGER. my son James DUGGER. my son Julius DUGGER. my daughter Elizabeth. my daughter Levina VANHUSS, my son Thomas DUGGER, my daughter Rhoda PIERCE, my daughter Martha, my daughter Rosamond MORTON. my daughter Nancy. my daughter Sabre MORGAN. my wife Anna, and at her death to William, David and Tarlton, my three sons. Executors: My sons William DUGGER, and Tarlton DUGGER. Test: James MORGAN, Wyatt FRIFFITH;

!MARRIAGE:19 Apr 1840 Johnson Co, TN Benjamin T. DUGGAR & Lucinda BRADLY, bond 17 Apr 1840;

!CENSUS:1840 Carter Co, TN pg 170 Benjamin T. DUGGER age 20-29 (1810/20) "10002-100031001";

!CENSUS:1850 Carter Co, TN # 26 Tarlton DUGGER, 33 (1816/17) born TN, in "married in year" column, "1840" was listed;

!MARRIAGE:13 Jul 1856 Carter Co, TN Tarlton DUGGER and Elena W. CAMPBELL, bond 11 Jul 1856;

!CENSUS:1860 Carter Co, TN # 89 Tarlton DUGGER, 42 (1817/18) born *;

!CENSUS:1870 * Vermillion Co., IN;

!CENSUS:1880 * Vermillion Co., IN;

Nancy L Rainbolt:


!DEATH:Per a letter from Edna George;

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