Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Solomon Quincy Dugger
Born: 25 APR 1828 in Carter Co, TN
Married: 09 SEP 1865 in Johnson Co, TN
Died: 12 AUG 1910
Father: John Dugger
Mother: Mary Engle
Spouses: E Jane Vines
Wife: Nancy O M King
Born: 1843/04 in NC
Died: after 1870 in Johnson Co, TN
01 (F): Sophronia C Dugger
Born: 1866/07 in Johnson Co, TN
Died: after 1870 in Johnson Co, TN
02 (F): Mary Susan Dugger
Born: 10 JUN 1870 in Johnson Co, TN
Spouses: John Bowman; Solomon Quincy Dugger
Additional Information

Solomon Quincy Dugger:


!CENSUS:1830 Carter Co, TN pg 20 w/John DUGGER age 0-4 (1825/30);

!CENSUS:1840 Johnson Co, TN pg 278 w/John DUGGER Sr age 10-14 (1825/30);

!CENSUS:1850 Johnson Co, TN # 76 Solomon Q. DUGGER, 22 (1827/28) born *;

!CENSUS:1860 Johnson Co, TN # 177 Solomon Q. DUGGER, 32 (1827/28) born *;

!NAMED: 5 Oct 1872 Johnson Co, TN. Will of William DUGGER of Johnson County, TN. All property bequethed to: Heirs of John DUGGER, decd - to John DUGGER Sr, Benjamin DUGGER, Jacob F. DUGGER, Hiram DUGGER, Joseph DUGGER Sr, Peter E. DUGGER, Solomon Q. DUGGER and William B. DUGGER, Samuel DUGGER, Charlotte CABLE, Mary WHITEHEAD, Emanuel BUNTON, Nancy ANDERSON. To my neice Nancy J. COWAN, daughter of Charlotte ANDERSON and wife of Thomas COWAN. to Mary C. BOGLE, daughter of Charlotte ANDERSON, decd. To my sister Mary PIERCE. Heirs of brother Abel DUGGER, decd. To the heirs of my sister Nancy GEORGE, decd, and wife of James J. GEORGE, decd. To heirs of my sister Elizabeth RAINBOLT, decd, wife of Elisha RAINBOLT, decd. I give all claim and interest in estate of my father Julius DUGGER, decd, to my sister Margaret DUGGER. I request that my niece Nancy J. COWAN to let my colored woman Anna GEORGE or alias Anna DUGGER to have a room or house to put her property in and place to have a garden spot on, lifetime maintenance. to Nancy RAINBOLT, $10 for waiting on me when I had smallpox. Executors: My nephew Julius D. PIERCE and my brother-in-law Thomas ANDERSON. Test: S.P. SORRELLS, I.F. McQUEEN;

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