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Husband: Edward James Roberts
Born: 28 MAY 1870 in Horry Co, SC
Married: after 1918 in Horry Co, SC
Died: 04 JAN 1954 in Horry Co, SC
Father: William Henry Roberts
Mother: Sarah Charity
Spouses: Mary Ellen Jordan
Wife: Eulie Owens
Additional Information

Edward James Roberts:


!NOTES:I (Marty Grant) am not related to this person as far as I know. However, I am interested in all Roberts families in the Marion and Horry Co., SC region;


!CENSUS:1880 Horry Co., SC Dog Bluff # 139/141
William H. Roberts 38 Farmer SC-SC-SC
Charity 37 wife
Argent A. 12 dau
Sarah 9 dau
Edward 6 son;

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