Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: John Robert Herring
Born: 02 SEP 1873 in Marion Co, SC
Married: 12 NOV 1899
Died: 05 SEP 1926 in Mullins, Marion Co, SC
Father: Miles Herring
Mother: Sarah Jane Jones


Wife: Emma Maria Hayes
Born: 1867/1868 in Marion Co, SC
Died: 06 MAR 1929 in Marion Co, SC
Father: William H Hays
Mother: Mary Ann Elvington
01 (F): LIVING
Spouses: LIVING
02 (M): Fred E Herring
Born: 18 NOV 1901
Died: 13 JAN 1953 in Dillon Co, SC
Spouses: Christine Price
03 (M): Lonnie Lee Herring
Born: 12 FEB 1903 in Marion Co, SC (now Dillon Co, SC)
Died: 23 DEC 1975 in Marion Co, SC
Spouses: Bessie Smith; Ruby Sechrest
04 (M): LIVING
05 (F): Mattie H Herring
Born: 12 SEP 1909 in Marion Co, SC (now Dillon Co, SC)
Died: 20 NOV 1909 in Marion Co, SC (now Dillon Co, SC)
Additional Information

John Robert Herring:


!CENSUS:1880 Marion Co., SC Hillsboro # 56/59 *;

Emma Maria Hayes:


!NOTES:Her D/C has her husband's name as her father, and her own name as her mother!

!CENSUS:1870 Marion Co., SC Hillsboro, Nichols Depot PO # 130/131
William Hays 65 Farmer $3000/300 SC
Polly 40 Keeping House
Sally 4
Celia 3
Emma 2
Charles 15 at home;

!CENSUS:1880 Marion Co., SC Hillsboro # 355/358
W. H. Hays 75 M Farmer SC-SC-SC
P. A. f 50 Wife M Keeps house
S. E. f 14 dau at home
C. M. f 12 dau at home
E. M. f 11 dau at home
A. E. f 9 dau
N. F. f 8 dau;

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