Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Charles Golden Graham
Born: 28 APR 1907 in Buncombe Co, NC
Married: in Graham Co, NC
Died: 26 JUL 1994 in Graham Co, NC
Father: Daniel Francis Graham
Mother: Mary Caroline Grant
Spouses: Delia Bell Hyde
Wife: Mary Lou Brackett
Born: 06 NOV 1914 in Haywood Co, NC
Died: 16 FEB 1994 in Graham Co, NC
Father: Joseph Brackett
Mother: Ivey Gaddis
Additional Information

Charles Golden Graham:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 1st Cousin, 3 times removed;

!NOTES:See WWII Draft Card;

!BIRTH:24 Mar 1907 told to me by him, from census, 1910 age 2 (1907/1908);

!BIRTHPLACE:Buncombe Co, NC told to me by Golden himself ca 1992.;

!CENSUS:1910 Swain Co., NC Nantahala # 63/63
Dan F. Graham head 38 M1 13 NC-NC-NC Farmer
Mary wife 38 M1 13 10-6
Adam L. son 8
Eve F. dau 7
Parmer F. son 5
Chas G. son 2
Bulah A. son 1 3/12
James H. 0/12;

!CENSUS:1920 Swain Co., NC Charleston # 364/375
Dan F. Graham head 48 M NC-NC-NC Farming
Mary C. wife 49 M
Adam son 17 Lumber - Stacker
Eve dau 16
Parmer son 14 Farm Laborer
Baldin son 13 Farm Laborer <--- (sic)
Buleh son 11 Farm Laborer
Henderson son 8;

!CENSUS:1930 Graham Co., NC Stecoah # 4/4
Chas G. Graham head 22 M 21 NC-NC-NC Farming
Delia wife 17 M 16
* Next door to her parents.;

!CENSUS:1940 Graham Co., NC Stecoah # 72
Gole Graham head 33 M NC 1935:Same Place. Time Keeper - WPA Road Project
Delia wife 26 M
Frances dau 9
Frankie dau 6
Betrice dau 4
Billy son 1;

!DEATH:26 Jul 1994 Graham Co, NC Death Records 29-94-28 Charles Goldie GRAHAM, Male, White, F: Frances Daniel GRAHAM, M: Caroline GRANT, died Cheoah Twp;

Mary Lou Brackett:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 1st Cousin, 3 times removed, by marriage;

!DEATH:16 Feb 1994 Graham Co, NC Death Records 29-94-01 Mary Lou GRAHAM, Female, White, F: Joe BRACKETT, M: Ivey GADDIS, died Cheoah Twp;

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