Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Daniel Moore
Born: 1789/1790 in Pendleton Dist, SC (now Pickens Co, SC)
Married: before 1825 in Pendleton Dist, SC (now Pickens Co, SC)
Died: after 1850 in Pickens Dist, SC
Father: Burt Moore
Mother: ? Bruce
Wife: Nancy
Born: 1809/1810 in Pendleton Dist, SC (now Pickens Co, SC)
01 (M): William Moore
Born: 1824/1825 in Pendleton Dist, SC (now Pickens Co, SC)
02 (M): John Moore
Born: 1828/1829 in Pickens Dist, SC
03 (M): James Moore
Born: 1831/1832 in Pickens Dist, SC
04 (M): Reuben Moore
Born: 1834/1835 in Pickens Dist, SC
05 (M): Jabez Moore
Born: 1835/1836 in Pickens Dist, SC
06 (F): Mary Anne Moore
Born: 1837/1838 in Pickens Dist, SC
07 (F): Ellen Moore
Born: 1839/1840 in Pickens Dist, SC
08 (F): Sarah J Moore
Born: 1842/1843 in Pickens Dist, SC
Additional Information

Daniel Moore:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 5th Great Grand Uncle;

!NAMED-ESTATE:Burt Moore Pickens Co., SC Box 6, No 78 1836
Many papers
- 2 May 1836 Will of Burt Moore proven by oath of Wiley Reaves
Bailey Barlow Esqr, Exec of same.
- 3 Apr 1835 Will of Burt Moore, Pickens Dist, SC
advanced in years ...
to my wife Mary ...
my youngest son Hugh ... (also listed as "Hughy")
... land where Daniel Moore now lives ...
Friend Bailey Barton to be Executor ...
Witnesses: Phillip Young, Isaac (his mark) Anderson, Wiley (his mark) Reaves
Signed: Burt (his mark) More
- 6 May 1836 Inventory of Estate (6 pages)
one section of Inventory lists what appears to be the other heirs but does not explicitly name them as such, but it does seem to be the heirs excluding Mary and Hugh were given specific items in the Will. This is important as no other list of heirs has been found to date.
One A/C charged against -
John Moore 70
James Bruce 50
William Moore 25
James Moore 65
Moses Anderson 300
Presly T. Moore 230
Joseph Moore 75
Daniel Moore 100 <--- ***
- 23 and 24 May 1836 Sale of Inventory of Estate of Burt Moore
many names, I didn't abstract what they purchased. Many were listed multiple times, I only transcribed them once. Being listed does not imply they are related, only that the probably lived nearby and attended the sale. Some are obviously related though.
David Alcar?
William Morgan
Danl Moore
John Winters
William Duckworth
John McKinny
William Newmons
Wiley Reavis
Mary Moore
Tillmon Cox
Daniel Moody
Richard Holdin
A. Stewart
Bailey Barto
Isaac Anderson
Davis Cox?
Joseph Moore
Abraham Stuart
Bright Gilstrap
Joseph Buckannon
James Stephens
Joseph Dodgins
John Reid
Jermiah Field
Thornton Moore
Samuel Moore
West Patterson
Saul Elberson
Abraham Moore
James McKinney
William Alcar
Bynum Barton
Henry Whitmire
Jas Cantrell
Micajah Alcar
John Ellingbury
William Galloway;


!CENSUS:1850 Pickens Dist, SC pg 379 # 118/123
Daniel MORE, 60 SC
Nancy, 40
William, 25
John, 21
James, 18
Rheuben, 15
Jabez, 14
Mary Anne, 12
Ellen, 10
Sarah J. 7;

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