Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: George Walton Bradley
Born: 1764 in Bute Co, NC (now Warren Co, NC)
Married: 12 JAN 1791 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: 05 APR 1835 in Rutherford Co, NC
Father: John Bradley
Mother: Mary Ledbetter
Wife: Sarah Goodbread
Born: 07 JUN 1769
Died: 06 DEC 1850 in White Co, TN
01 (F): Sarah Goodbread Bradley
Born: 19 DEC 1798 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: 27 AUG 1837 in Buncombe Co, NC (now Transylvania Co, NC)
Spouses: Isaac Ledbetter
Additional Information

George Walton Bradley:



!NAMED:24 Jun 1778 Tryon Co, NC pr Oct 1778. Will of John BRADLEY. Daughter Sarah MORGAN, daughter Anna JONES, son by my 1st wife: John BRADLEY. son Richard BRADLEY, son by my 2nd wife John BRADLEY. Son George Warton BRADLEY, daughter Mary BRADLEY, son Edward BRADLEY, son Isaac BRADLEY, son James Terry BRADLEY, son John W. BRADLEY. Wife Mary BRADLEY. Executors: My wife and Richard LEDBETTER. S: John (X) Bradley. Wit: Jonatham HAMPTON, Andrew HAMPTON, Jonas WILLIAMS.

!CENSUS:1790 Rutherford Co, NC pg 116 G. Walter BRADLY age 16+ (bef 1774) "1-0-1-0-3";

!WITNESS:25 Oct 1790 Rutherford Co, NC John BRADLEY of Rutherford to Ezekiel STRINGFIELD, 50a Turkey Otter Creek, granted to Bradley 28 Sep 1785. Wit: George Walton BRADLEY, Thomas DOTON, George WILLIAMS;

!CENSUS:1800 Rutherford Co, NC pg 98 Walton BRADLEY, age 26-44 (1755/74) "20010-10010-0-6";

!CENSUS:1810 Rutherford Co, NC pg 96 Walton BRADLEY age 45+ (bef 1765)

!CENSUS:1820 * Rutherford Co, NC pg 371 Walter BRADLEY *;

Sarah Goodbread:


!CENSUS:1790 Rutherford Co, NC pg 116 w/G. Walter BRADLY no ages (bef 1790);

!CENSUS:1800 Rutherford Co, NC pg 98 w/Walton BRADLEY, age 26-44 (1755/74);

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