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Husband: Joshua Gilbert
Born: 1809/1810 in Chatham Co, NC
Married: 1850/1854 in Union Co, GA
Died: 1880/1900 in Union Co, GA
Father: Wilson Gilbert
Mother: Esther Smith
Spouses: ?; Rhoda Russell
Wife: Mary Stewart
Born: 1819/1820 in Haywood Co, NC
Died: 1860/1869 in Union Co, GA
Father: Noah Stewart
Mother: Nancy
Spouses: James S Chandler
01 (F): Hannah A Gilbert
Born: 1853/1854 in Union Co, GA
Died: after 1880 in Monroe Co, TN
Spouses: Greenberry Miller
02 (M): Noah Washington Gilbert
Born: 29 JUL 1855 in Union Co, GA
Died: 11 MAY 1914 in Cherokee Co, NC
Spouses: Ibiline A Henderson


Additional Information

Joshua Gilbert:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 3rd Great Grand Father.;


!NOTES:Not proven son of Wilson Gilbert, but fits very well.;

!CENSUS:1810 Chatham Co, NC pg 204 w/Wilson GILBERT age 0-9 (1800/10);


!CENSUS:1830 * Burke Co, NC pg 194 w/Wilson GILBERT age 15-19 (1810/15);

!VOTER LIST:1835 Yancey Co., NC Oakes Precinct, Joshua Gilbert.;

!CENSUS:1840 Rutherford Co., NC p. 305
Joshua Gilbert age 30-39 (1800/10)
* Based upon several of his near neighbors (William Unphis (Humphries), Moses Davidson, several Wilsons, etc.) it appears that at this time Joshua may have been in the section of Rutherford that later became Cleveland County in the 1840's.;

!PETITION:* 25 Sep 1844 Petition for the Formation of Whiteside County, residents of Rutherford, McDowel and Burk request new county formed from the Northeast part of Rutherford, Southeast part of McDowel, and Southwest part of Burke County. (Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon Co, NC - May 1996 pg 76) ... Joshua (x) Gilbert ...;

!CENSUS:1850 x
x not found anywhere. Based upon children's ages and birth places, the family should have been in Union Co., GA in 1850.;

!CENSUS:1860 Union Co., GA Ivy Log PO # 454/453
Joshua Gilbert 50 Farmer $500/85 NC
Mary 40
Daniel 16 F. Laborer
Elijah 12 GA
Hannah A. 6
Noah W. 4;

!CIVIL WAR 1861-1865:
(1) Name appears on Roster of Eligible Men. 2 Sep 1861 Union Co, GA, Gum Log, Joshua Gilbert.;

!MARRIAGE:28 Oct 1869 Union Co., GA
Joshua Gilbert & Rhoda Miller
by Jesse Corn, MG;

!CENSUS:1870 Union Co., GA Subdivision 126, Blairsville PO # 611/611
Joshua Gilbert 60 Farmer $400/150 NC
Rhoda 35 Keeping House TN
Reubin 15 Farm Laborer GA
James 15 Farm Laborer
Maranda 12 At Home
Andrew 10 Farm Laborer
Joseph E. 8 At Home
Washington 14 Farm Laborer
* All children, except Washington, are Millers, and from Rhoda's 1st marriage. Their proper surname is not listed, so they appear to be Gilberts on this record.;

!CENSUS:1880 Union Co., GA Gum Log (1024) Dist # 247/247
Joshua Gilbert, 69 M Farmer NC-SC-NC
Rhoda 48 wife M Keeping House TN-TN-TN
Andrew Y. Miller 20 step-son S Laborer GA-NC-TN;

Mary Stewart:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 3rd Great Grand Mother.;

!NOTES:Maiden name Mary Stewart proven by D/C of son Noah;


!CENSUS:1830 Haywood Co, NC pg 366 w/Noah STEWARD age 10-14 (1815/20);

!MARRIAGE BOND: 4 Nov 1834 Haywood Co., NC
James S. Chandler & Marey Steward, d/o Noah
Lewis S. Deaver, bm.;


!CENSUS:1850 Union Co., GA 85th District # 429/429
Noah Stewart 65 Farmer $- NC
Nancy 67
Mary Chandler 30
Caroline Stewart 21
John Chandler 13;

!CENSUS:1860 Union Co., GA Ivy Log PO # 454/453
Joshua Gilbert 50 Farmer $500/85 NC
Mary 40
Daniel 16 F. Laborer
Elijah 12 GA
Hannah A. 6
Noah W. 4;

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