Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: William Dugger
Born: 1822/03 in TN
Married: 1870/1880 in Boone Co, AR
Died: after 1880 in Boone Co, AR
Father: Alexander Dugger, Jr
Mother: Catherine Bailey
Spouses: Mary Ann Roberts
Wife: Margaret
Born: 1819/20 in TN
Additional Information

William Dugger:


!NOTE:Per Frances Dugger Rowan William went to Marion Co, AR;
!NOTE:Census data from Sherri Paustian;

!CENSUS:1830 Roane Co, TN pg 60 w/Alexander DUGGER age 5-9 (1820/25);

!CENSUS:1840 Roane Co, TN pg 54 w/Alexander DUGGER age 10-14 (1825/30);

!CENSUS:1850 Gordon Co, GA pg 15B # 226/227
William DUGGER, 37 TN
Mary A., 37 TN
Thomas M. 8 TN
Jasper 6 TN
Alex W. 4 TN
Margaret A 2 TN;

Marion Co, AR - Prairie
Page 565, H # 237, F # 237 - Rolling Prairie PO
Duggar William 37 M W Farmer 1500 1275 TN
Duggar Mary A 40 F W TN
Duggar Thomas M 18 M W TN
Duggar Jasper 16 M W TN
Duggar Alexander W 14 M W TN
Duggar Margaret A 11 F W TN
Duggar William R 9 M W TN

!CENSUS:1870 Boone Co, AR Prairie Twp William DUGGER, 48 (1821/22) born TN;

!CENSUS:1880 Boone Co, AR Prairie Twp William DUGGAR, 58 (1821/22) born TN/NC/NC;



!CENSUS:1880 Boone Co, AR Prairie Twp Margaret DUGGAR, 60 (1819/20) born TN/VA/VA;

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