Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Richard Fulkerson
Born: 10 DEC 1780 in VA
Married: 24 DEC 1801
Died: 16 NOV 1852 in Boone Co, MO
Spouses: Mary Grant; Mary Laughlin
Wife: Susannah Livingston
Born: 07 MAR 1784 in VA
Died: 12 AUG 1828 in Boone Co, MO
Father: Peter Livingston
Mother: Elizabeth Head
01 (F): Sarah Gibson Fulkerson
Born: 27 NOV 1802 in VA
Died: 27 JUN 1838 in Boone Co, MO
Spouses: Ichabod C Hensley
02 (F): Elizabeth H Fulkerson
Born: 14 SEP 1804 in VA
03 (F): Polly L Fulkerson
Born: 31 DEC 1807 in VA
Spouses: Stewart Lewis
04 (M): Peter L Fulkerson
Born: 10 DEC 1809 in VA
Died: 16 AUG 1813 in VA
05 (F): Rebecca A Fulkerson
Born: 15 JAN 1813 in VA
Died: after 1850 in Caldwell Co, MO
Spouses: David L Hutchins
06 (F): Jane H Fulkerson
Born: 09 JUL 1815 in VA
Died: after 1850 in Cass Co, MO
Spouses: Samuel M C Meador
07 (F): Frances Ann Fulkerson
Born: 27 MAR 1817
Died: 14 NOV 1842
Spouses: William Kuykendall
08 (M): Abraham Fulkerson
Born: 06 NOV 1819 in Boone Co, MO
Died: after 1850 in Cole Co, MO
Spouses: Flora Ann Haynes
09 (M): James Henry Fulkerson
Born: 19 OCT 1821 in Boone Co, MO
Died: after 1850 in Boone Co, MO
10 (F): Finetta Fulkerson
Born: 29 JUL 1823 in Boone Co, MO
Died: 05 DEC 1823 in Boone Co, MO
Additional Information

Richard Fulkerson:


!NOTE:(From Laura's notes)
Family Record of Richard and Susana (Livingston)Fulkerson.
These records sent to Mary Ann Fokken in 1942 by Grace Fulkerson of Overbrook, Kansas, daughter of Abraham (b.1867). She states that this record was sent to her grandfather, John Richard Avis Fulkerson, by his half-brother Abraham (b.1819), who was a brother of our grandmother, Mary Matilda (Perkins)Carr.

Richard Fulkerson was born Dec.10,1780
Susana Livingston wife of Richard was born Mar.7,1784
Sarah G.Fulkerson daughter of Richard and Susana was born Nov.27,1802
Elizabeth H.Fulkerson daughter of Richard and Susana was born September 14,1804 Polly L.Fulkerson was born December 31,1807
Peter L.Fulkerson was born December 10,1809
Rebecca A.Fulkerson was born Jan.15,1813
Jane H.Fulkerson was born July 9,1815
Frances Ann Fulkerson was born March 27,1817
Abraham Fulkerson was born November 6,1819
James Henry Fulkerson was born October 19,1821
Finetta Fulkerson was born July 29,1823
John Richard Avis Fulkerson (son of Richard and Mary Grant Fulkerson was born October 21,1829
Mary Elizabeth Ann Meador was born August 8,1838
Oliver Hazard Perry Hensley,son of I.C.and Sarah G.Hensley was born January 19,1820
Clarissa Melville Hensley was born Mar.4,1822
Westerfield Hensley was born Sept.9,1824
Richard F.Lewis was born July 22,1826
Martha Hamilton Hensley was born Nov.19,1826
Martin Van Buren Hensley was born Feb.20,1829
Missouri Hensley was born Oct.10,1831
James Monroe Perry was born August 24,1814

Children of Rebecca (Fulkerson) Hutchins:

Susana Hutchins was born Oct.24,1831
John Byron Hutchins was born Nov.29,1833
Abraham J.Hutchins was born Oct.9,1835
Frances Ann Hutchins was born July 8,1838
Richard F.Hutchins was born May 19,1842
Allen D.Hutchins was born Aug.5,1846
Nancy Jane Hutchins was born Mar.26,1849


Peter L.Fulkerson deceased Aug.16,1813
Finetta Fulkerson deceased Dec.5,1823
Susana Fulkerson deceased Aug.12,1838 aged 43 years 5 months 4 days
Mary (Grant) Fulkerson deceased Nov.18,1829
Sarah G.Hensley deceased June 27,1838 aged 36 years and 7 months
Frances Kendall deceased Nov.14,1842
Mary (Loughlin)Fulkerson deceased Nov.13,1844
David L.Hutchins deceased Feb.7,1852
Richard Fulkerson,the father and grandfather of this record,deceased Nov.16,1852


Richard Fulkerson and Susana Livingston was married Dec.24,1801
I.C.Hensley and Sarah G.Fulkerson was married Dec.24,1818
Stewart Lewis and Polly L.Fulkerson was married July 24,1823
Richard Fulkerson and Mary Grant was married Dec.28,1828
Samuel Meador and Jane H.Fulkerson was married August 22,1837
William Kuykendall and Frances Ann Fulkerson was married August 3,1841
Abraham Fulkerson and Flora Ann Haynes was married Dec.22,1842
Richard Fulkerson and Mary Loughlin was married November 20,1831
David L.Hutchins and Rebecca A.Fulkerson was married November 24,1830
John Richard Avis Fulkerson was born October 21,1829
Nancy Sappington,daughter of J.W.and Rebecca Sappington,was born April 10,1832 John Richard Avis Fulderson and Nancy Sappington were married Apr.1,1851

!CENSUS:1850 * Boone Co., MO *;

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