Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: John Martin
Born: 1770/1775
Married: in Marion Dist, SC
Died: after 1835 in Barbour Co, AL
Father: Martin
Mother: >>>
Wife: Penelope Turner
Born: 1770/1775
Died: after 1830 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: John Turner
Mother: Patience Smith
01 (F): Sarah Martin
Born: in Marion Dist, SC
Spouses: LIVING
02 (M): Joel Martin
Born: 1804/1805 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: after 1870 in Dale Co, AL
Spouses: Ann Eliza
Additional Information

John Martin:


!CENSUS:1790 *
* Georgetown Dist., SC Prince George's Parish p. 507
John Martin age 16+ (bef 1774)
* This is John Martin Sr (wife Winniford).;

!CENSUS:1800 x
* None in Marion District;

!WITNESS:30 Jan 1807 Marion Co, SC Deeds I-104 Barnabas HATHCOCK of SC planter to Christopher DEW of same place planter for $100. 163a which became property of Hathcock by heirship NE Side Catfish Swamp. Deed from heirs of John TURNER decd to Barnabas HATCHCOCK. S: Barnabas Hatchcock. Wit: Charity DEW, John (X) MARTIN;

!CENSUS:1810 *
* Marion Dist., SC p. 33/81A John Martin Senr age 45+ (bef 1765) 01101-00001-0-0
* Marion Dist., SC p. 16/83 John Martin age 45+ (bef 1765) 01101-00001-0-0
* It's interesting how both listings above are identical. Perhaps this was the same man, enumerated twice, or the two John Martin's just coincidentally had the same enumerations. If that is the case, then "Sr" is the one married to Winny, and the other is married to Penny.;

!WITNESS-DEED:30 Oct 1814 Marion Co., SC Deed Book F, p. 231
Ruebin Turner to Robert Turner his son, both of Marion District. Rueben Turner in his proper health doth freely give his son Robert Turner a mare called Ribl, a horse Liberty, one deer cow ... (and various other livestock, furniture, etc.)
S: Reubin (his mark) Turner, Dorothy (her mark) Turner.
Wit: John (his mark) Martin, Martha Meloy, John Blackman.
Proven by *Joshua* Blackman & John Martin before Jas Boyle, QU 19 Oct 1814.
* From "Marion County South Carolina Abstracts of Deeds Volume Two Books F - I & K 1811-1823", Lucille Utley, Alita White Sutcliffe, 1997.;

!CENSUS:1820 *
* Marion Dist., SC p. 19 John Martin Sr age 45+ (bef 1775) 000001-00001-0-0
* Marion Dist., SC p. 19 G. John Martin age 26-44 (1775/94) 010010-01001 <--- most likely;

!CENSUS:1830 Marion Dist., SC p. 34
John Martin age 50-59 (1770/80)

!CENSUS:1840 *
* Barbour Co., AL p.
John Martin age 50-59 (1780/90)
* This John Martin's entry doesn't line up well with John of 1830
* There were a lot of other John Martin's in Alabama in 1840, too many to easily sort through.;

!CENSUS:1850 x

!NOTES:According to Sarah Powers Holly's Deposition in Powers vs. McEachern, 1870, she said that her uncle John Martin moved with them from Marion to Barber Co., AL. This was in the 1830's.
Another deposition referred to him as "old John Martin";

Penelope Turner:


!CENSUS:1790 Georgetown District, SC Prince George Parish pg 56 w/John TURNER no ages (bef 1790) family listed as 10 others;







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