Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Samuel Hussey
Born: 1790/1800 in Marion Dist, SC
Married: in Marion Dist, SC
Died: after 1846 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Samuel Hussey
Mother: Mildred Turner
Wife: Mary
Died: after 1846 in Marion Dist, SC
Additional Information

Samuel Hussey:


!CENSUS:1800 * Marion Dist, SC pg 803 w/Milly HUSSAY one of 7 free colored;



!CENSUS:1830 Marion Dist, SC pg 24 Samuel HUSSEY age 30-39 (1790/1800)

!DEED:22 Nov 1837 Marion Co., SC Deed Book T., p. 406
Osburn Lane planter of Marion District to Samuel Hussey for $62.50, 50a lying on the East side of Catfish Creek bounded south by John Bryant and John Hussey's land, west by William Turner land, north by Robert B. Platts land, and east by Osburn Lanes land.
S: Osburn (his mark) Lane.
Wit: George Sweat, B. Moody, QU.
* From "Abstracts of Marion County [SC] Deed Books S and T 1842-1846", Lucille Utley, Angela Turner, Kathy Loyd, John M. Gregg. Three Rivers Historical Society, 2003.;

!CENSUS:1840 Marion Dist, SC pg 137 Samuel HUSSEY age 40-49 (1790/1800)


!CENSUS:1850 x

!CENSUS:1860 x

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