Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Levi Odum
Married: before 1838 in Marion Dist, SC
Wife: Patience
Born: 1806/07
Died: after 1870 in Marion Dist, SC
Spouses: Rev Edmund Herring
Additional Information



!CENSUS:1850 Marion Dist., SC # 1113/1118
Edmund Herren 67 Farmer $1800 Marion
Patience 45
Elizabeth 12
Ann 10
Sarah 9
* Three children are Odoms, dau of Patience and 1st husband Levi Odom;

!NAMED-PROBATE ROLL # 1055 Marion Co., SC Edmund Herring 1856
21 Nov 1856 Petition of Robert Moore shows that Revd. Edmund Herrin died intestate and by virture of his marriage to one of the daughters of the deceased he is entitled to a share ...
The deceased left as his heirs at law:
his wife Patience Herrin
Owen Herrin
Charlotte Blackmon
Wilson Herrin
Lewis Herrin
Edmund Herrin
Mary Moore wife of petitioner
Patrick Herrin
and J. Robert Herrin.
* From "Marion County Probate Records" Volume 1, Lucille Utley, Danny Smith. Three Rivers Historical Society. 1985.;

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