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Husband: John Newton Wacaster
Born: 1838/1839 in Yancey Co, NC (now Mitchell Co, NC)
Married: JAN 1860 in McDowell Co, NC
Died: 1879 in Mitchell Co, NC
Father: George Wacaster
Mother: Mary Ann
Wife: Fanny Queen
Born: 1840/1841 in Lincoln Co, NC
Died: after 1890 in Mitchell Co, NC
Father: Meredith Queen
Mother: ?
01 (F): Samantha A Queen
Born: 1861/1862 in Mitchell Co, NC
Died: after 1880 in Mitchell Co, NC
Spouses: Thomas G Wilson
02 (M): Marcus Wesley Queen
Born: 02 DEC 1867 in Mitchell Co, NC
Died: 17 MAR 1948 in McDowell Co, NC
Spouses: Dovie Savannah Willis
Additional Information

John Newton Wacaster:


!CENSUS:1850 Yancey Co., NC # ---/620
George Wacaster 47 Ironsmith $600 NC
Jacob H. 21 Laborer
Elijah 18 do
Stephen 13
John N. 11
Jasper 6
Mary 45
Margaret L. 16
Elizabeth D. 14
Nancy M. A. 5
Rebecca C. 2;

!CENSUS:1860 x

Fanny Queen:


!NOTES:In a widow's Civil War pension application (1890) Fanny Wacaster, widow of John N. Wacaster stated that they were married --- Jan 1860 by Wesley Godfrey, JP in McDowell Co., NC, and that her maiden name was Fanny Queen.;

!CENSUS:1850 Catawba Co., NC # 1212/1212
Meredith Queen 36 Farmer $- Burk
Susana 40 Lincoln
Daniel 12
Fanny 9
Waitell 6
Nancy 4
Marcus 2;

!CENSUS:1860 x

!CENSUS:1870 x

!CENSUS:1880 Mitchell Co., NC Snow Creek # 64/64
T. G. Wilson 21 M Farmer NC-NC-NC
Samantha A. 20 M Keeping H.
Elis 1 dau
Deller 10/12 dau
Fannie Wacaster 39 Mother-L W NC-SC-SC;

!CENSUS:1900 x

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