Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: LIVING
Wife: Mildred Whitted
Born: 23 JUN 1914 in Buncombe Co, NC
Died: 27 OCT 2000 in Buncombe Co, NC
Father: Rustin A Whitted
Mother: Lizzie Bowen
Additional Information

Mildred Whitted:


!NOTES:I (Marty Grant) am not related to this person as far as I know. They are the ancestors or relatives of one or more of my in-law or step-relatives*, so I have researched them to a small extent.
* Ancestors/Relatives of my Great Uncle Paul Francis Brank (RIN 63);

!NOTES:B/D from Buncombe County Births (name not given);

!CENSUS:1920 Buncombe Co., NC Reems Creek # 151/151
Rustin Whitted head 41 M NC-NC-NC
Lizzie wife 39 M
Hellen dau 16
Paulline dau 12
Kennith son 9
Edward son 7
Milleard dau 5;

!CENSUS:1930 Buncombe Co., NC Reems Creek # 224?(smudged)
Rustan Whitted head 51 M 21 NC-NC-NC
Lizzie wife 49 M 19
Kenneth son 26 S
Edward son 17
Mildred dau 15
James son 9;

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