Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Godfrey
Wife: Mary J Elliott
Born: 1852/1853 in Rutherford Co, NC
Died: after 1880 in Rutherford Co, NC
Father: James L Elliott
Mother: Mary Jane Burgess
Additional Information

Mary J Elliott:


!NOTES:I (Marty Grant) am not related to this person as far as I know. They are the ancestors or relatives of one or more of my in-law or step-relatives*, so I have researched them to a small extent.
* Nephew General Godfrey married into my Carpenter family;


!CENSUS:1860 Rutherford Co., NC Buffalo Dist, Cedar Creek PO # 1380/1380
J. L. Elliott 31 Day Laborer $-/30 NC
Mary 32
James 10
Mary 7
Wm 3;

!CENSUS:1870 Rutherford Co., NC Chimney Rock, Rutherfordton PO # 51/51
Jane Eliotte 43 Keeping House $1500/100 NC
James S. 20 Farmer
Mary J. 15 at school
William 9
Vina 7;

!CENSUS:1880 Rutherford Co., NC Chimney Rock # 198/205
Mary J. Godfrey 22 M Keeping House [Rhumatism] NC-NC-NC
Vina Elliott 19 sister S At home;

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