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Husband: James Dawsey
Married: before 1804 in Marion Dist, SC
Died: after 1805 in Marion Dist, SC
Wife: Rebecca Owens
Born: before 1804
Died: after 1804 in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Rev David Owens
Mother: ?
Additional Information

James Dawsey:


!NOTES:Carlisle Dawsey interested in this family (09/14/2012);

!CENSUS:1790 x

!CENSUS:1800 x

!DEED:18 Jul 1805 Marion Co., SC Book F page 61
William Phillips, Richard Edwards and John Williamson, James Dawsey, Solomon Owens, heirs of estate of David Owens decd of Marion Dist, for $5 paid by William Owens, 4a on Tarrels Bay ...
W: Samuel Garrell, Stephen Beech;

!CENSUS:1810 x

Rebecca Owens:


(1) I'm not related to this person. But I'm interested in all Marion Co SC families to some extent.
(2) This person is an uncle/aunt of my uncle Ben Franklin Meggs.


!NAMED-PROBATE ROLL # 621 Marion Co., SC Davide Owens 1804
Will dated 17 Jun 1804
Wife Ruth.
Eldest dau Ann Phillips
eldest son William Owens
second dau Rebeckah Dawsey
third dau Martha Williamson
fourth dau Elizabeth Edwards
second youngest son Solomon Owens
gr-son David Owens son of William
Exors: William Owens, John Williamson and Richard Edwards.
Witnesses: Samuel Porter, Elijah Owens, Thomas Owens.;

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