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Husband: LIVING
Wife: Manship
Born: in Marion Dist, SC
Father: Charles Manship
Mother: Caroline Gaddy
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!REFERENCE: A History of Marion County, South Carolina From Its Earliest Times to the Present, 1901, by W. W. Sellers, Esq., of the Marion Bar. 1902. pp. 176-178
Allen Gaddy married a Miss Stackhouse, an aunt of Colonel E. T. Stackhouse, and raised a considerable family; he and wife have both been dead for years ; I know not much of the family; had a son, Herod Gaddy; I do not know what has become of him-think he is in Marlborough ; another son, John W., who is a good citizen and lives now at Bingham ; another son, named Tristran, I don't know what has become of him. The widow of the late David Ellen was a daughter of Allen Gaddy; she married twice; first, a Manship, of Marlborough, and after his death she married the late David Ellen, an old man when she married him ; he died in 1876 ; she lives with her son, John H. Ellen, a very energetic and prosperous farmer, in the Dothan neighborhood; she had two daughters by the Manship marriage-one is the wife of Peter P. McCormac, the other the wife of Woodberry Norton. ;

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