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Husband: Lilborn H Hensley
Born: MAR 1832 in Scott Co, VA
Died: after 1900 in Scott Co, VA
Father: James Hensley
Mother: Eleanor Peters
Spouses: Mary Good; Nancy
Wife: Lucinda Good
Born: 1833/1834 in Sullivan Co, TN
Died: after 1870 in Scott Co, VA
Father: Spencer Good
Mother: Ann
Spouses: >>>
01 (M): Dock Spurgeon Hensley
Born: 20 SEP 1872 in Scott Co, VA
Died: 04 AUG 1952 in Mingo, Pike Co, KY
Additional Information

Lilborn H Hensley:


!CENSUS:1840 Scott Co, VA 294 w/James HENSLEY age 5-9 (1830/35);

!CENSUS:1850 Scott Co, VA PHF 378B-380-380 Western District
Elizabeth Braden 54 F 400 Ten
William 18 M Farmer Va
Harriett 15 F Va
Lilborn Hensley 18 M Farmer Va

!CENSUS:1860 Scott Co., VA Estillville PO # 127/127
Lilburn Hensley 28 Farmer $-/50 VA
Mary 28 House Wife TN
Eleanor 5 VA
William 1
Lucinda Good 25 Domestic Hand TN
James 3 VA
Jahue 2 VA;

!CENSUS:1870 Scott Co., VA Fulkerson # 187/186
Lilborn H. Hensley 38 Farming $50/150 VA
Mary 37 TN
Ellen 15 VA
William 10
Lilborn 8
George 5
Eliza 3;

!CENSUS:1880 Scott Co., VA Fulkerson District # 15/15
Lillburn H. Hensley 48 Wd Farmer VA-VA-VA
Lilburn M. 19 son VA-VA-TN
George W. 16 son
Eliza 13 dau
Sarah 9 dau
Irena 6 dau
Brownlow Good 14 servant Laborer;

!CENSUS:1900 Scott Co., VA Fulkerson Magesterial District # 32/32
Lilburn H. Hensley head Mar 1832 68 M 16 VA-VA-VA Farmer
Nancy wife Jan 1837 63 M 16 9-8
William gr-son Dec 1888 11 Farm Laborer;

Lucinda Good:


!NOTES:Lucinda Good apparently had some children by Lilburn Hensley (her brother-in-law), born out of wedlock. I don't know what the proof is that he is their father.;

!CENSUS:1850 Sullivan Co., TN 1st Division # 651/651
Spencer Good 45 Farmer $- VA
Ann 39 NC
Martin 20 NC
Mary 17 TN
Lucinda 16
Eliza 14
Sarah 7
Thos 3
Jno 1;

!CENSUS:1860 Scott Co., VA Estillville PO # 127/127
Lilburn Hensley 28 Farmer $-/50 VA
Mary 28 House Wife TN
Eleanor 5 VA
William 1
Lucinda Good 25 Domestic Hand TN
James 3 VA
Jahue 2 VA;

!CENSUS:1870 Scott Co., VA Fulkerson # 188/187
Lucinda Good 35 Keeping House $-/- VA
James 13
Jahue 12
Farazinn? 8 f
John T. 6
Brownlow 5
Mary 1;

!CENSUS:1880 x

(01) Dock Spurgeon Hensley:


!NOTES:May be same person as Spurgeon Good. "Dock" being named for Dr. George Spurgeon of Sullivan Co., TN.;

!NOTES:B/D & D/D from D/C:
Dock Hensley Sr. born Scott Co., VA. parents Lilburn Hensley & Cindy Scott
Shared by Rick Hensley;

!NOTES:From my email to Rick Hensley 09/15/2011:
Hi Rick,

Great to hear from you. I have a little on your Dock Hensley, but not much:
1. He was listed on the 1900 census in McDowell Co., WV with another family, listed as a boarder and a Day Laborer. He was born Jun 1872, age 27, widowed, born VA and both parents born VA.
2. He was listed on the 1910 census in Pike Co., KY with wife Lora, listed as his 2nd wife. She and the older children were born in WV.
3. I found a marriage record in Wyoming Co., WV that might be them, it is a Dock N. Hensley and Lora Ellis marrying in 1908 (copy attached). It lists his parents as Frank and Kate and that he was born in Mingo Co., WV. Might not be same person, but I don’t know who else it might be.
4. He is on 1920 census in Pike Co., KY with apparent 3rd wife Matilda, and several young children.
5. They are on the 1930 census in Pike Co., KY. One of their children is “Bob” age 4 which is probably your father, if born ca 1925/26. There was a Lawrence Hensley age 29 (c1901) just a few houses away. He was born in KY as were both his parents. Might not be closely related.
I wasn’t able to find a Frank & Kate Hensley in any of my records. You mentioned Dock is a son of Lilborn Hensley. Which one? Do you have any info on him? I have several men of that name in my files, but none with a son Dock, at least not that I can lay my hands on right now.

Marriage Notes

!NOTES:Lilborn Hensley is listed as Dock's father on his D/C.;

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