Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: William Hensley
Born: 1773/1774 in Montgomery Co, VA (now Tazewell Co, VA)
Married: 24 JUN 1800 in Washington Co, VA
Died: after 1850 in Logan Co, VA (WV)
Father: Chrisley Hensley
Mother: Catherine
Wife: Elizabeth Brewster
Born: 1765/1775 in VA
Died: 1810/1820
01 (F): Tabitha Hensley
Born: 1813/1814 in Cabell Co, VA (now Logan Co, WV)
Died: after 1870 in Logan Co, WV
Spouses: David Sanson
02 (M): Comfort Hensley
Died: after 1852 in Lawrence Co, IN
Spouses: Mary "Polly"; Mary "Polly" Stotts
03 (M): Daniel Hensley
Died: after 1839 in Lawrence Co, IN
Additional Information

William Hensley:


!NOTE:Near Daniel Hensley (c1774), Robert Hensley, James Hensley and Stephen Hensley. Probably related;

!CENSUS:1790 * Lost for VA;

!TAXLIST:1793 Wythe Co, VA William HENSLEY;

!TAXLIST:1795 Wythe Co, VA William HENSLEY;

!TAXLIST:1796 Wythe Co, VA William HENSLEY;

!TAXLIST:1798 Wythe Co, VA William HENSLEY;

!PETITION:1798 formation of Tazewell Co, VA (from Russell and Wythe): ... Daniel HANSLEY, Robert HANSLEY, James HENSLEY, William HENSLEY ...;

!CENSUS:1800 * Lost for VA;

!TAXLIST:1801 Tazewell Co, VA William HENSLEY;

!CENSUS:1810 Floyd Co, KY pg 99 William HENSLEY age 26-44 (1765/84) "30020-20020";

!TAXLIST:1818 Cabell Co., VA
Mar 7, William Hensley 1-0-0-4
Mar 7, Robert Hensley 1-0-0-1
Mar 7, Stephen Hensley 1-0-1-5
Mar 8, Elijah Hensley 1-0-0-1
Mar 8, Daniel Hensley 1-0-1-1
Mar 8, Solomon Hensley 1-0-0-4
Mar 25, Samuel Hensley 1-1-0-2
May 12, Solomom Hensley 1-0-0-4 * Marked out, as it was a duplicate;

!CENSUS;1820 Cabell Co, VA (WV) pg 85 William HENSLEY age 45+ (bef 1775)

!TAXLIST:1820 Cabell Co., VA
Mar 28, Joseph Hensley 1-0-0-1
Mar 28, Sollomon Hensley 1-0-0-3
Apr 10, William Hensley 1-0-0-3
Apr 11, Robert Hensley 1-0-0-1
Apr 11, Daniel Hensley 1-0-1-1
May 5, Samuel Hensley 1-1-0-1;

!CENSUS:1830 Logan Co, VA (WV) pg 275 William HENSLEY age 50-59 (1770/80)

!CENSUS:1840 Logan Co, VA (WV) pg 82 William HENSLEY age 60-69 (1770/80)

!CENSUS:1850 Logan Co, VA PHF 155B&156-516-516 Dist. No. 32
Wm Hensly 76 M W Farmer 400 Virginia
David Sansom 37 M W Farmer
Telitha 36 F W Virginia
Rebecca 13 F W “
Nancy 11 F W “
Elizabeth 8 F W “
Hannah 7 F W “
Laemma? 5 F W “
Mary 1 F W “

Elizabeth Brewster:


!CENSUS:1810 Floyd Co, KY pg 99 w/William HENSLEY age 26-44 (1765/84);

!CENSUS;1820 Cabell Co, VA (WV) pg 85 w/William HENSLEY age 45+ (bef 1775);

!CENSUS:1830 x

(03) Daniel Hensley:


!NOTES:Kyle Wear thinks Comfort and Daniel Hensley are sons of Benjamin based on them being in Lawrence Co., IN. That works.;


!CENSUS:1830 x

!DEED:25 Oct 1839 Clay Co., IL Deed Book 2 p. 337 (shared by Kyle Reese)
Daniel Hensley of Lawrence Co., IN to Comfort Hensley for $100, 40a in Clay Co., IL
S: Daniel Hensley
Proven same day by Daniel Hensley;


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