Marty and Karla Grant

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Husband: James Davis Grant
Born: 06 JAN 1818 in Maury Co, TN
Married: 1869 in Robertson Co, TX
Died: 10 JUN 1892 in Robertson Co, TX
Father: Thomas Grant
Mother: Sarah Glover
Spouses: Sarah E Talley
Wife: Tennie C Talley
Father: Abraham Talley
Mother: Mary Duncan
Additional Information

James Davis Grant:


!REFERENCE:Dates and such from Stephen Allen Grant Jr's web page at:

!CENSUS:1820 Maury Co, TN pg x w/Thomas GRANT age 0-9 (1810/20);

!CENSUS:1830 Maury Co, TN pg 353 w/Thomas GRANT age 10-14 (1815/20);


!MARRIAGE:14 Jul 1840 Marshall Co, TN James D. GRANT & Sarah E. TALLEY;


!NOTE:To Pontotoc Co, MS, later to Rusk Co, TX, later to Roberson Co, TX;

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