Marty and Karla Grant

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Husband: James H Harrison
Born: 06 JUL 1818
Married: 06 MAR 1865 in Lincoln Co, TN
Wife: Charlotte Catherine Grant
Born: 23 NOV 1837 in Lincoln Co, TN
Father: Thomas Grant
Mother: Frances
Additional Information

Charlotte Catherine Grant:


!CENSUS:1840 Lincoln Co, TN pg 70 w/Thomas GRANT age 0-4 (1835/40);

!NAMED:19 May 1843 Lincoln Co, TN pr 2 Jul 1849. Will of Thomas GRANT. Wife Frances GRANT. to her children: Elizabeth Mary Jane GRANT, George Harrison GRANT, Charlotte Catherine GRANT, and Virginia Frances GRANT. Exec: C.W. McGUIRE. S: Thomas (X) Grant;

CENSUS:1850 Lincoln Co, TN # 930 Charlotte GRANT, 13 (1836/37) born TN;
CENSUS:1860 Lincoln Co, TN pg 126 Charlotte GRANT, 20 (1839/40) *;

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