Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Jacob Elbert Lequire
Born: 17 SEP 1896 in Swain Co, NC
Married: 1910/1916 in Swain Co, NC
Died: 24 APR 1972 in Swain Co, NC
Father: James Merritt Lequire
Mother: Fannie Lou Ellender Evans
Wife: Bertha Buchanan
Born: 09 MAR 1899
Died: 17 DEC 1975 in Swain Co, NC
Father: Will Buchanan
Mother: Earrie Barker
Additional Information

Jacob Elbert Lequire:


!CENSUS:1900 Swain Co, NC Nantahala # 150 Jacob E. LEQUIRE, Sep 1896 born NC, father born NC, mother born NC;

!COURT:-- Jul Term 1907 Swain Co., NC Record of Judgements, Book 6, pp. 130-131
Mary Evans
Lura Lequire
Carley Lequire
Artie Lequire
Elbert Lequire <---
Melvin Lequire
Claude Painter
Major Grant
Essie Grant
Inkabo Grant
Maggie Evans
Tolvin Evans
Pickens Evans
Jane Hutchins
Mary Hutchins
Robert Hutchins
Texas Hutchins
Abbie Hutchins
John Hutchins
Alsa Hutchins
Thomas Hutchins
Haseltine Hutchins
John Duvall
Cara Duvall
Lous Duvall
David Duvall
Florence Duvall
Flora Duvall
Addie Duvall
and Martha Duvall
By their next friend J. R. Evans
The Board of Education of Swain County and others, Defendants
This cause coming on to be heard before his Honor C. M. Cooke and a jury at July term of Swain Superior Court 1907, upon the following issue: "Are the plaintiffs entitled to admission into the white public schools of Swain County" and the jury having answered the issue "Yes."

CENSUS:1910 Swain Co, NC Forney Creek # 106 Elbert LEQUIRE, 13 (1896/97) born
NC, father born NC, mother born NC;

!CENSUS:1920 * Swain Co, NC Nantahala # 107/110;

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