Marty and Karla Grant

Husband: Theobold Dewald "David" Fouts
Born: 1722 in Germany
Married: 27 MAY 1743 in Hanover, York Co, PA
Died: 1782/1787 in Randolph Co, NC
Wife: Catherine Ann Spengel
Born: about 1724
Father: Daniel Spengel
Mother: Margareta
01 (M): John Leonard Fouts
Born: about 1755 in Frederick Co, MD
Died: about 1799 in Ashe Co, NC
Spouses: Catherine Shearer
02 (M): Lewis Fouts
Born: 1761 in Frederick Co, MD
Died: after 1840 in Cabarrus Co, NC
Spouses: Mary Gallimore; Christina Lingle
03 (M): Peter Fouts
Born: 10 NOV 1766 in Rowan Co, NC
Died: 1838 in Carroll Co, IN
Spouses: Catherine Younce
04 (F): Hannah Fouts
Born: 11 JUL 1771 in Guilford Co, NC
Died: 17 NOV 1855 in Buncombe Co, NC
Spouses: John Garren
Additional Information

Theobold Dewald "David" Fouts:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 7th Great Grand Parent.;

!NOTES:Given name varies:
David, Dewald, Theobold, etc.

!IMMIGRATION:Oct 1738 Thevia FOUTZEN from Germany to Pennsylvania, age 16;

!MARRIAGE:27 May 1743 Hanover, York Co, PA Dewald PFAUTZ & Catrina SPENGEL;

!RESIDENT:Oct 1743 Baltimore Co, MD Dewald PFAUTZ;

!TAXLIST:1762 Rowan Co, NC;

!TAXLIST:1779 Randolph Co., NC
Andrew Fouts
David Fouts Junr
Michael Fouts
John Fouts of David
John Fouts Senr
Jacob Fouts
David Fouts <---
Andrew Fouts
Jacob Fouts;

Catherine Ann Spengel:


!NOTES:Marty Grant's 7th Great Grand Parent.;




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