Marty and Karla Grant

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Husband: Charles Grant
Born: before 1775 in Halifax Co, VA
Married: 20 NOV 1794 in Halifax Co, VA
Died: 1823 in Montgomery Co, TN
Father: Burwell Grant
Mother: Charlotte Featherston
Wife: Mary R Bradshaw
Born: 1770/1775
Died: 1840/1850 in Montgomery Co, TN
Father: Richard Bradshaw
Mother: >>>
Additional Information

Charles Grant:


!MARRIAGE:17 Nov 1794 Halifax Co., VA Charles Grant and Polly R. Bradshaw, d/o Richard who consents. William Bradshaw, sur. Married 20 Nov by Rev. James Watkins;




!CENSUS:1820 Montgomery Co, TN pg 14 Charles GRANT age 45+ (bef 1775) "211101-22301";


Mary R Bradshaw:




!CENSUS:1820 Montgomery Co, TN pg 14 w/Charles GRANT age 45+ (bef

!CENSUS:1830 Montgomery Co, TN pg 22 Mrs. Mary GRANT age 50-59
(1770/80) "002-01021001";

!CENSUS:1840 Montgomery Co, TN pg 267 Mrs. Mary GRANT age 60-69
(1770/80) "00101-000100001";


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